3 reasons why WWE needs to introduce a mid-card Championship for female Superstars

The female Superstars of WWE
The female Superstars of WWE
Levi Grayshon
Modified 28 Jul 2020

Five years ago, a huge movement kickstarted in WWE. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks were called up to RAW and thus began the Women's Revolution. Prior to their call up, WWE fans had been clamoring for female Superstars to be given equal opportunities as their male counterparts, with #GiveDivasAChance trending on Twitter for days at a time.

At that point in WWE, there was only one Championship for the female Superstars to fight over. The Divas Championship had been the sole title of the women's division and was defended on both RAW and SmackDown after being unified with the Women's Championship in 2010.

The Divas title was then eventually retired after eight years. At WrestleMania 32, Lita made an appearance and announced that the Divas title would be replaced with the WWE Women's Championship.

Following on from the 2016 brand split, the title was made exclusive to RAW, with a second women's title introduced for SmackDown. To the delight of the fans, the Women's Tag Team Championships was created in 2019, and Sasha Banks and Bayley were crowned the inaugural champions at Elimination Chamber that year. 

Before and during the Women's Revolution, we have had so many great moments from the female WWE Superstars. We have seen many milestones, including the first-ever all-female main event at WrestleMania back in 2019. We also had the first-ever women's only PPV, Evolution.

Recently, we have heard calls from fans and Superstars requesting a mid-card title in the Women's division. Many feel this is the right time to consider the debut of another title for the female roster, and here are a few reasons why a Women's mid-card title could work.

 #1 WWE now have a bigger roster

We now have more women in the WWE than ever
We now have more women in the WWE than ever

Over the last few years, the WWE women's roster has massively grown. We now have over 40 women across the RAW, SmackDown and NXT rosters. At times, it can feel like the one singles championship between each WWE roster isn't enough, considering how much the rosters have expanded over the last ten years. 

With the roster growing, and possibly expanding further, another championship would give opportunities to more women, and deservedly so. With just one title per show up for grabs, the title scene can sometimes seem cluttered, and sometimes well-deserving wrestlers can go overlooked. 

#2 Better feuds

Since the introduction of the RAW and SmackDown Women's titles, we have had some brilliant and intense title feuds. Some of the standout rivalries so far have been Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair turning on one another over the SmackDown title, and Rhea Ripley going head-to-head with Shayna Baszler for the NXT Championship.

Lately, there has been some fan criticism of some of the segments given to the women who aren't currently in the title picture. An example of this is the karaoke showdown that aired recently. In the segment, Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina, and Dana Brooke sang their favorite WWE themes. Many said that this was a call back to the Divas era, and it started the #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag on Twitter. 

If there were a secondary title, it would give other female Superstars something substantial to fight one another over. It often seems to be the case then when the women of WWE aren't in a title feud, they are clashing over trivial things such as singing and magazine covers (remember the feud between Ember Moon and Fire and Desire last summer?). The women in WWE have shown fans time and time again that they are talented enough to carry bigger storylines and headline events. 

#3 Building stars for the future

In the men's title picture in the WWE, multiple titles are used as stepping stones to the Universal and WWE Championships. This is also the case for the NXT Men's Championship. Lots of the male Superstars work their way through the mid-card before getting their chance at a shot for one of the bigger titles, and some male stars even remain in the mid-card title picture during their whole career. For each weekly TV show WWE offers, there is a men's mid-card title – the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown, the US Title on RAW, and the North American Championship on NXT. 

Mid-card title scenes are a great way of building up future stars, as well as giving current stars to chance to compete for a championship. It seems especially important to have this when we have many women moving to different brands, but with nothing to compete for months, even years. Many well-established female WWE stars too would benefit from this, for example, Natalya and Mickie James. Both the veteran Superstars have spent many years in WWE but haven't been involved in many meaningful title feuds. Having stars such as Natalya battle it out over titles with stars on the rise, such as Ruby Riott and Sonya Deville, would be a boost for all involved.

Published 28 Jul 2020
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