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3 Shocking Ways Brock Lesnar Could Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract  

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How can WWE book this cash in?
How can WWE book this cash in?

In the latest WWE NEWS, No one expected Money in the Bank 2019 to end with a huge cliffhanger, as Brock Lesnar became the newest superstar to win the Money in the Bank match. Many soon realised this means WWE has openly given Lesnar a definite chance to recapture the World Title somewhere down the line.

It does not take away from the fact that Lesnar just being in this match was something not many were ready to process, as the former Universal Champion had been adamant on making a return to UFC for a long time now. Therefore, after his loss to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, many thought that was the last we would see of Lesnar in wrestling.

However, Lesnar threw a curveball no one saw coming, as he retired from MMA, and returned to the squared circle. Most would be lying if they said, Lesnar deserved the Money in the Bank contract, as no one could really see the angle WWE was going for with Lesnar as Mr Money in the Bank.

But WWE's willingness to turn Lesnar into a much more entertaining version of himself that was prominent throughout his 2003 run with the company, gave fans a side of Brock you didn't think was still there, and that was DJ Lesnar. Lesnar turning the Money in the Bank briefcase into a boom box of all things, and dancing his way to the ring has not been something fans asked for, but in all honesty, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Now with Lesnar realising he has a whole year to cash in his contract, it seems like it will be a long before we see Lesnar back in a WWE ring. Or could we expect him to make a comeback sooner rather than later?

#3 Another Mountain For Seth Rollins To Scale

While it seems like Lesnar is going to wait a year to cash in his contract, that might be far from the truth
While it seems like Lesnar is going to wait a year to cash in his contract, that might be far from the truth

At WWE's Super ShowDown event, Seth Rollins will take on Baron Corbin with his Universal Title up for grabs. This is a match that many didn't ask for, as we have already seen Rollins and Baron do battle numerous times on Raw, so why would it be special on a pay-per-view?

Even shows like Crown Jewel, Greatest Royal Rumble, and Super ShowDown are infamously called 'glorified house shows' by the WWE Universe, so, it seems WWE is treating them as such. Moreover, many believe these matches won't affect the main narratives in the company.

But what if WWE swerves the entire wrestling fanbase by having Lesnar cash in his contract at Super ShowDown? Now, while many would brush this idea aside, as the company would not waste a huge moment like this on a show like Super ShowDown, you'd be surprised what can happen in WWE these days.

The reasoning for this happening is WWE wanting to do something different from the norm, as having a Money in the Bank cash in on this show would empathise that these 'glorified house shows' should be taken more seriously by the fans. If WWE's intention is to make Lesnar the champion in the quickest time possible, then would be the event to do so.

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