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3 storylines for Alexa Bliss after WWE Evolution

Amit Shukla
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Goddess needs a good storyline
Goddess needs a good storyline

Alexa Bliss is a 5-time Women's Champion (3-time Raw and 2-time SmackDown) and is currently involved in a storyline with Trish Stratus for their match at WWE Evolution. The self-proclaimed 'Goddess of the WWE' has performed some great matches for the WWE Universe, and her babyface, as well as heel gimmick, has been great.

She is the best talker on the mic in the women's division, and that can be seen every week on Raw during her promos. She currently works with Mickie James and they are set to face the team of Trish Stratus and Lita at WWE Evolution.

While this match was supposed to be a one-on-one match in the past, it seems like WWE has made this match a tag team one due to Alexa Bliss's injury. She suffered an injury during her Raw Women's Championship match with Ronda Rousey at WWE Hell In A Cell.

After the match, Alexa complained of numbness and was out of in-ring action over the last month. Despite being out of action, she would cut promos that would entice the fans for the match at women's only pay-per-view.

While this sounds great, Alexa seems to be without any storyline after Evolution and if WWE follows these steps Alexa could get into a great storyline during/after the show:

#3 Mickie James turns on Alexa Bliss

Mickie needs a good story too
Mickie needs a good story too

Mickie James has been a foe and a friend to Alexa Bliss. While the feud between them was loved by all, the friendship storyline has benefitted Alexa more than Mickie. This can outrage the performer that had great feuds with Trish and Lita.

In an attempt to put some sense back into Alexa, Mickie could turn on 'Little Miss Bliss' after she trash talks about her career and the journey that she had due to Trish.

This instant turn during the match would get a huge pop and set the story for a great feud between two great performers. It will also be good for both Mickie and Alexa whose friendship storyline has been underwhelming.

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