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3 Tag Teams Who Should Challenge Daniel Bryan & Rowan Following Stomping Grounds

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Who should challenge the champions next?
Who should challenge the champions next?

In the latest WWE NEWS, the 'Planet's Tag Team Champions,' Daniel Bryan and Rowan were able to successfully defend their WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles in a very impressive match against Heavy Machinery.

Bryan and Rowan showed their incredible abilities as they not only put on an excellent bout but also really helped establish Tucker and Otis in their first major PPV outing as a main roster tag team.

However, with the victory, the two men remain the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions and therefore are in the need for some new challengers. Whether it is a brand new team on the show an experienced duo or a totally new partnership, something new will be on the horizon for the champions.

Having promised to provide a 'tag team revolution' it is time for WWE to invest in the division and its champions by giving them a dedicated storyline with plenty of screen time.

Even though Heavy Machinery put on a strong showing at Stomping Grounds and could have another shot at the titles, the WWE Universe has already been complaining about unnecessary rematches and therefore moving onto something fresh could help stop that.

There was nothing controversial about the victory that Bryan and Rowan secured, and it would be fitting of Bryan's current character to simply refuse to face Heavy Machinery after beating them already.

This could give WWE a chance to bring in a new tag team to compete against the champions in order to keep things fresh, whilst Heavy Machinery can work a non-title feud and possibly be brought back into the loop for a major SummerSlam title match. But who should step up and challenge them next?

#3 AOP

Can anyone stop them?
Can anyone stop them?

AOP has been off television for a while due to a leg injury to Akam, but the dominant duo are both back in action, having been used in several backstage segments recently.


So knowing that one of the best tag teams on the roster is fit and healthy, perhaps it is time to have the former NXT and Raw Tag Team Champions make their presence felt once again?

AOP has all the potential in the world and has shown on multiple occasions they can put on world-class matches with any team when given the chance. Getting to work with two experienced names such as Bryan and Rowan could only possibly enhance their abilities.

With WWE not having a top monster team like AOP, it would certainly be a positive thing to bring these behemoths back to chase the champions.

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