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3 Things AEW is doing right and 3 things they need to improve

  • A look at how AEW is doing so far.
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Modified 12 Mar 2020, 12:53 IST
Jon Moxley is the new AEW World Champion
Jon Moxley is the new AEW World Champion

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It all began with a Tweet, a social media post that cast aspersions upon the possible success of independent wrestling.

Long time pro wrestling journalist - and polarizing figure in sports entertainment - Dave Meltzer was asked on the social media giant if he thought a small, independent promotion such as Ring of Honor could ever sell out a ten thousand seat arena.

Meltzer's response was not exactly overwhelming in its enthusiasm.

One man in particular took exception to Meltzer's less than supportive assessment of the independent wrestling scene, and his name was Cody, son of the legendary American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

History tells us All In was an unparalleled success for indie scene wrestling. But Cody and the Young Bucks wanted more.

AEW was born in the frosty morning air of Tokyo Japan, when the Elite gathered together in the snow to announce its formation. With PPVs, a weekly telecast, and the eyes of the industry firmly entrenched in their product, AEW looks to be a dark horse on the rise.


But are they doing everything they could be to get ahead of the competition? For every fantastic AEW moment there seems to be a misstep.

Here are three things AEW is doing right, and three things they could improve upon.

#3 Doing right: MJF and Cody's feud

M JF was the best kept secret on the indie scene before Cody signed him to an AEW contract
M JF was the best kept secret on the indie scene before Cody signed him to an AEW contract

Perhaps one of the most intelligent things AEW did was to snap up indie darling MJF for their roster.

The youngster has a poise far beyond his limited time in the industry, and is definitely a star to watch. One is reminded of a young Ted Dibiase, mixed with Dynamite Kid for good measure.

MJF seemed poised to be an ally of Cody's but that turned out not to be the case. Rather, MJF turned on his would be benefactor, and now the two are heated rivals.

By booking MJF against the face of AEW, they are legitimizing the newcomer while building toward an exciting conclusion of the feud. Look for MJF to eventually establish dominance, as he has the most to gain from the feud.

One thing is obvious; AEW is handling MJF the right way.

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Published 11 Mar 2020, 11:43 IST
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