3 things Triple H seemingly confirmed before King and Queen of the Ring 

Triple H is the Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative for WWE.
Triple H is the Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative for WWE

WWE King and Queen of the Ring is the next big Premium Live Event WWE will present after Backlash 2024. Set to be held in Saudi Arabia, the event will feature title matches, but most importantly, it will determine who becomes the King and Queen of the Ring.

While fans will have to wait for a while before they get their answer, WWE CCO Triple H seems to have confirmed a few important details regarding the upcoming PLE. In this article, we will take a look at these details.

#3. King and Queen of the Ring will receive a title match at SummerSlam

The winners of the King and Queen of the Ring tournament will be looked upon in a different light. Hence, it would only make sense for the victors to fight for a World Championship at some point. This is something Triple H ensured recently.

Ahead of the PLE in Saudi Arabia, The Game revealed that the King and Queen will receive a main title shot at SummerSlam 2024. Since this announcement, fans are even more excited to see who becomes King and Queen and eventually challenges for a title.

#2. King and Queen of the Ring will be to SummerSlam what Royal Rumble is to WrestleMania


While WrestleMania is the biggest event for WWE and even for wrestling in general, the Royal Rumble is what sets the stage for it. After all, it's at the Rumble where fans get to know who will headline The Show of Shows. It seems WWE is now taking the same route with KQOTR.

Since the promotion announced that the winner of this tournament will receive a title shot at SummerSlam, it seems the upcoming PLE will be what Royal Rumble is to WrestleMania. This also makes sense because it can be argued that SummerSlam is the second most important PLE after WrestleMania.

#1. King and Queen of the Ring will be an annual affair


While Queen of the Ring is a relatively new feature, the King of the Ring is arguably one of WWE's most iconic tournaments. But, since 2008, the tournament hasn't been held frequently. However, it seems that under Triple H's reign, this might change.

With Triple H announcing that the tournament winners will get title shots, it seems like this might be a tradition going forward. Another thing that suggests this could be an annual affair is WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia.

As per the deal, the promotion needs to host two events in the Middle Eastern country every year. Hence, by hosting KQOTR in Saudi, the company will fulfill half of its annual commitment.

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