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3 biggest impersonations in WWE history

Amit Shukla
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Published Jan 03, 2020
Jan 03, 2020 IST

Impersonation is the key to a great storyline
Impersonation is the key to a great storyline

WWE is not merely wrestling but also entertainment, and in an attempt to provide its fans some quality moments on TV, the wrestlers go beyond their character to create something worthwhile. The Attitude Era is fondly remembered for those times where wrestlers went out of their way to create enjoyable and memorable moments.

Sometimes they could be scandalous, and other times, just silly things that would make fans laugh. While these gags would often be directed towards a specific individual or a group of people, they were guaranteed to bring some delightful moments for the fans that many cherish to this very day.

It could be a simple moment like Triple H trying to help Trish Stratus or Vince McMahon trying to hire Stacy Keibler to the company or funny as DX taking control of WWE's production truck. These moments made fans laugh, and told us that the who's who of the company can be made fun of to create something that will create a moment for the WWE Universe.

Here are 3 moments when WWE Superstars decided to cross the line and impersonate other Superstars, and welcome your thoughts in the comments section.

So without further ado, let's get down to it:

#1 The Undertaker impersonates Kane

The year was 1998, and Kane had aligned with Paul Bearer. He was scheduled to take on Mankind in a number one contender's match on 6th July 1998 episode of RAW is WAR. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the WWF Champion at that time, but instead of The Big Red Monster, The Phenom decided to show up dressed as his brother. 

It was an impersonation that took the WWE Universe by surprise because no one expected it, but everyone was aware of the bad blood between Kane and The Undertaker which was caused by Paul Bearer. He used to be the manager for The Deadman but had turned into an anti character for the legendary wrestler. This is definitely a storyline worth re-visiting.

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