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3 Title ideas that would have been better than the 24/7 Title

  • The 24/7 Title is still new but other ideas for titles would have made more sense.
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Modified 30 May 2019, 11:40 IST
WWE's newest title was unveiled by Mick Foley last week on Raw

Regarding the 24/7 Title, you either really enjoy the hijinks that come from the title or you completely hate it. I'm not fond of the idea because I think WWE could have come up with a better idea or title instead of the one above. It has allowed some other wrestlers to do something instead of standing around backstage, so that's one positive that has come from it.

The reveal of a new title did get people talking, but once Mick Foley took it out of the bag in which it was carried, the crowd response was unimpressed at best. For the creation of a new title, you'd think that the audience in attendance would either cheer or clap in acceptance or boo in disapproval.

What it's unveiling did elicit was more of an indifferent hum from the crowd because they either wanted or were expecting something else, or they didn't know how to react. The title was immediately up for grabs as several stars like Titus O'Neill, the B-Team, Drake Maverick and EC3 all battled to simply pick up the title in order to become the inaugural champion.

But since last Monday, the title has changed hands five times with four different superstars 'winning' the title. While it does give the lower-to-mid-card stars something to do and some screen time, a different idea for a title might have held a little more prestige.

Some people might want or suggest a secondary singles' title for the women, but the women's division in WWE isn't deep enough to carry three titles. For that reason and the reason that the 24/7 Title is primarily been used as a comedic device, here are three alternative title concepts that would have better than the new title.

An actual 'Cross-Brand' title

This idea would fit right in with another new concept introduced by WWE in Worlds Collide
This idea would fit right in with another new concept introduced by WWE in Worlds Collide

One caveat that Foley mentioned regarding the newest championship was that it would and could be defended across all brands of the WWE. That would not only mean Raw and SmackDown but also 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK.


It has only appeared on the two main brands but could soon change hands somehow on one of the other shows. Taping them in advance, however, would make keeping the continuity among the shows difficult.

By doing away with the 24/7 aspect and merely stating that it was a cross-brand title, it would give the champion an actual excuse for showing up on another show. The appearance could be promoted or not, depending on the direction WWE would decide to take with the champ.

It would also make the Wildcard Rule mean a little more and it would play perfectly into the new 'Worlds Collide' concept that WWE unveiled at the Royal Rumble and over WrestleMania weekend this year. Since that could be a focus of the title, they could call it the 'Worlds Collide' Championship or something similar.

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Published 30 May 2019, 11:40 IST
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