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Top 3 Booking Decisions from Extreme Rules 2018

Kartik Arry
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There were some high-quality matches at Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules 2018 saw two title changes as well as some best and worst moments throughout its entirety.

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Shinsuke Nakamura is the new United States Champion, The B-Team are the new RAW Tag Team Champions. Seth Rollins put up a valiant effort against Dolph Ziggler but failed to capture the WWE Intercontinental Title. The same can be said about Team Hell No, who could not beat the odds stacked against them. Asuka and Nia Jax failed to do the same respectively, thanks to various shenanigans.

While results and title changes keep cropping up every now and then, people always forget to acknowledge the booking that spurs good or best moments from any given WWE PPV, no matter how sparse they are.

So without wasting any further time, let's get right into discussing the Top three Best Booking Decisions from WWE Extreme Rules 2018...

#1 Everything before, after and during Shinsuke Nakamura versus Jeff Hardy for the U.S Title

The WWE Universe witnessed Nakamura being crowned as the new WWE United States Champion at Extreme Rules 2018.

While that fact alone remains as one of the best moments from last night's show, it was the booking- before, during, and after the match that constructed a sequence which not only benefits the superstars but also provides better storylines for the future.

Let us start before the match actually began.


Jeff Hardy and Nakamura are already in the ring, and the referee is about to start the match. However, Nakamura uses something that is very familiar from his previous feud with WWE Champion, AJ Styles. He low-blows Hardy when the referee's back is turned from them.

This shocks the audience immediately, even though the odds are in Nakamura's favour the whole time.

Why? It comes off as no surprise that Jeff Hardy has been dealing with a lot of pain recently. This matchup always seemed like a perfect catalyst for Nakamura to become the new champion.

However, people did not expect that match to start off this way. The referee waits to start the bout until Hardy assures that he is ready and willing to fight. And that brings us to the events that occur during the match...

Shinsuke Nakamura as the new WWE United States Champion
Shinsuke Nakamura as the new WWE United States Champion

The bell rings, and without wasting any more time, Nakamura delivers a brutal Kinshasa to put Hardy down for good. The match starts and finishes within a matter of few seconds, and that leaves us with two positives-

Hardy did not have to risk his body (by going to the 'extreme') with all the injuries and pain he has been dealing with lately. And secondly, it solidifies Nakamura as a perfect heel, who is willing to do anything to have his own way.

The effect would not have been the same if this were a normal championship match. Nakamura sealing the victory in a matter of seconds ups the stakes, whilst it also protects Hardy from any further complications at the same time.

Again, if one had to bet his or her money on any match scheduled for this year's Extreme Rules, it would have to be this match. But it is the booking that surprises the entire WWE Universe. It is good, but the story does not end here...

...Randy Orton comes out after the match, to everybody's surprise. We have heard of numerous rumours regarding the return of Dean Ambrose or even Jason Jordan, but does SmackDown Live really need Orton anymore?

Turns out, the Viper not only benefits his character but also includes more to this storyline, as the viper adds insult to injury, and attacks a defeated Hardy. But looking at Orton, we quickly realize that this is not just any other simple 'attack'.

It is a statement. Orton is a heel now- and he is better in that persona. Nakamura's facial reactions add more to this superlative piece of writing.

Now we know why this is a great booking decision. It has a distinct beginning, middle and an end. The fans are entertained (and surprised). The flow is continuous and encourages viewers to tune in to the next edition of SmackDown Live...

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