3 Tweaks WWE should make to their PPV calendar

WWE needs to change their PPV calendar.
WWE needs to change their PPV calendar.
Divesh Merani
Modified 13 Jan 2020

As 2020 rolls on, it might be time for WWE to have a re-think on their pay-per-view schedule. Last year, there were fourteen such events, with two taking place in Saudi Arabia.

And while the majority of them were a success, it might grow a little stale. Whether they are from the concepts or the time between shows, a few tweaks could help make WWE pay-per-views mean much more than they already are.

Here are three changes the company could make to their special event schedule more effective.

#3 Bring back King of the Ring as a standalone PPV

Last year
Last year's tournament was fun.

The King of the Ring tournament returned immediately after SummerSlam last year and overall, it was a success. The matches and stories told were generally solid and honestly, the tournament deserved a bigger platform than the final taking place on Monday Night RAW.

King Corbin's coronation would have made for a great pay-per-view moment, but it did not happen. WWE should just make King of the Ring their September show instead of Clash of Champions, as it forces the company to book at least ten matches on the card.

King of the Ring improved the WWE product in the summer, but it could mean so much more. There are some amazing memories attached to the pay-per-view as well.

#2 Brand exclusive PPVs


Both, RAW and SmackDown are stacked with talent and it is becoming a bit difficult for various Superstars to stand out. This issue carries over to the pay-per-views, which offer a limited amount of spots with a minimal build.

Each brand should once again have separate B-level shows, especially looking at the stark difference between the talent rosters in 2018 and now. There is an immense number of stars looking to break through the glass ceiling.

And like the early days of Brand Split 2.0, pay-per-views exclusive to RAW and SmackDown could showcase a lot of names as well as allow a good amount of time to build to each show, unlike what is happening right now.

#1 Get rid of gimmick-based PPVs

This has to trigger a re-think.
This has to trigger a re-think.

Not all pay-per-views built around gimmick matches are bad. Look at Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank. But more situation-based gimmicks like Hell in a Cell and TLC do not work that well with their own special events. Even Extreme Rules to an extent.

While WWE has done a fine job in building to these shows in recent years, the latest installment of Hell in a Cell may have ruined the gimmick for good, because of the match between Seth Rollins and 'The Fiend'. TLC also was not a major upgrade.

Having such pay-per-views force them to book a Cell match in October and a TLC match in December, whether or not the feud may call for it. This makes each stipulation feel forced, instead of the special aura they carried when used in the most intense of circumstances.

WWE has no shortage of popular pay-per-view names to replace the likes of Hell in a Cell and TLC with, like Backlash, No Mercy and Vengeance. It would make much more sense as well as rescue both match concepts.

Published 13 Jan 2020
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