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3 Ways Undisputed Era could debut for RAW or SmackDown Live

Brad Phillips
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6.15K   //    18 Dec 2018, 19:42 IST

Undisputed Era in their second WarGames match
Undisputed Era in their second WarGames match

Throughout professional wrestling, history factions have made their impact on fans. During the Monday Night Wars, The NWO was formed and would battle Degeneration X.

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However, in later years other groups formed. Notably groups like; The Nation of Domination, Evolution, and The Shield.

Not since then has their been a dominant faction in WWE. But outside the WWE brand factions have been the mainstay of most promotions. 

In NJPW, Bullet Club started with Finn Balor, and has progressed exponentially. Their development and popularity gave rise to the group; The Elite, consisting of hot prospects; Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Adam Page. At present they are extremely lucrative for the wrestling industry. 

In modern WWE another group have risen to similar heights, their name is; Undisputed Era. In past years all four members; Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish performed in Ring of Honor.

During that time, some members formed the group Future Shock, (watch the video below). Since 2017, the group has dominated NXT, being involved in two WarGames matches.

Moreover, having the accolades of; NXT Tag Team and North American championships. Fans are wondering when they will debut on Raw and SmackDown. Here are three possible options. 


#3 An Open Challenge

Cena during his
Cena during his
States Open Challenge

The idea of an Open Challenge has been synonymous with WWE for years now. Notable examples include that of John Cena's Open Challenge for the United States championship.

Even recently Ronda Rousey issued an Open Challenge leading to Natalya's Gauntlet match victory on December 17th during Raw. It is an excellent way to generate excitement among fans. 

Recently tag team wrestling has suffered on RAW and SmackDown, with poorly planned matches.

However, there are exceptions, like; The Bar's championship defence at TLC 2018. Nevertheless, a refreshed outlook is needed.

Moreover, perhaps a reshuffle of teams. An excellent way to develop tag team wrestling is new teams. Therefore, opening an opportunity for Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly. Just imagine they debut on the main roster. 

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong are factors in the group. Therefore, how could they debut? Ultimately, the entire group could debut together in any capacity.

However, due to the Freebird Rule, any two members could team together. Therefore, Undisputed Era could challenge for singles or tag team championships in an Open Challenge scenario.

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