3 ways WWE can utilize Austin Theory following this week's Monday Night Raw

WWE Superstar Austin Theory/Credit WWE

The latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw featured what many fans believe to be Austin Theory's best performance to date.

During his time on the mic, the former United States Champion stated that he was tired of being talked to like a child and moreover, he's done being the future; proclaiming himself as "the now".

Later that night, he took on Dolph Ziggler in a match that saw the typically cool, calm, and collected Theory snap on his opponent.

Does this newfound rage mark a sign of change in Theory or does WWE have different plans for ATL's very own?

#3 Austin Theory climbs to the top of WWE as an imposingly arrogant, pompous heel

.@_Theory1 takes out his frustrations on @WWERollins!!#WWERaw

On the surface, it sounds like the direction WWE has already taken. In reality, it's slightly different.

At one point during his tenure in NXT, Theory portrayed the kind of heel you laughed at as opposed to the one you were annoyed by. His banter with Johnny Gargano as a member of The Way is a great indication of just how humorous the former Mr. Money in the Bank can be.

Then came the time for Theory's move to the main roster, where he dropped most of the comedy and amped up the arrogance. He'd brag about how great he was and take selfies with fellow wrestlers; oftentimes as a form of humiliation.

However, the selfie gimmick is recently said to have been dropped, while Theory's character as a heel remains in tack. Is this the dawning of a new era for the former United States Champion?

#2 Austin Theory wins over the WWE Universe and transitions from heel to baby face

Some superstars receive negative reactions due to a wrestling term called "go away heat." Others are just extremely talented at eliciting negative reactions. Luckily for Austin Theory, it's the latter and not the former.

Prior to McMahon's departure, the only legit gripe fans had about Austin was the fact that he was considered a "Vince guy." Despite his talent, some felt Theory was given way too much way too soon.

As evident by Charlotte Flair and Roman Reigns, if it's perceived that a wrestler is getting shoved down the gullet, a negative reaction is a sure thing no matter how skilled you are.

With Vince gone, it seems as though Theory's stock has dropped quite drastically in just a matter of months. Given his exceptional wrestling ability, mixed with him no longer being the golden child, a face turn isn't too much of a stretch in the future.

#1 Austin Theory becomes a full-time member of NXT once more

Mr. #MITB Austin Theory has arrived at @principalitysta for the #WWECastle Kickoff!@visitwales @_Theory1

There are a few questions on many fans' minds regarding Theory at the moment. Is he being buried for some undisclosed reason pertaining to his attitude? Is he being thought a lesson? Is this perceived burial a way to humble the newcomer?

Alas, none of those questions can be answered in this article, but at this rate, there's a chance we might see Theory back on NXT.

He's one of the youngest members of WWE's entire roster. Subsequently, he still has plenty of years to develop and grow as a performer. At 25 years old, Austin's still got his entire wrestling career ahead of him while his peers are reaching their peaks well into their mid-30s to late 40s.

It's still not too late for Theory to become a young champion like Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar. But then again, it's also not too late for him to return to NXT, enhance his skills, and still reach a high level of prominence in WWE. At the end of the day, it all depends on the company's outlook.

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