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3 ways WWE could use Mr Bootyworth at WWE Super Show-Down

Amit Shukla
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934   //    05 Oct 2018, 11:41 IST

Can Mr. Bootyworth also turn hardocre?
Bootyworth also turn hardcore?

Dewey Foley who played Mr. Bootyworth during this week's SmackDown New day Pancake segment is the son of Hardcore Legend and the greatest pro-wrestler of all time, Mick Foley. He is known for his work ethic and is a respected member backstage.

We have seen wrestlers take out assistants in the past while they are all up-and-coming wrestlers, Dewey is a respected person and wouldn't be between those ropes, but he can do a lot at ringside too. We have seen managers in the past that have been a part of storylines, and Dewey could also join the list by being a manager for the most loved tag team in WWE.

The team of The New Day will take on Cesaro and Sheamus, known as 'The Bar' during WWE's most anticipated show on October 6 at Australia's Melbourne Cricket Ground this Saturday. This match got a great boost when 'The Bar' took a jive at New Day during their cooking segment on the blue brand.

While Dewey was on TV for the first time, if the WWE decides to put him in front of the camera more than backstage, here are three ways the company can use this great employee:

#3 Costs 'The Bar' the match at WWE Super Show-Down

Bootyworth was humiliated by 'The Bar,' and in an attempt to take out his frustration or win back his pride, Dewey could come out and cost Sheamus and Cesaro the match at WWE Super Show-Down.

The best way to do this is a cheap shot angle where either 'The Celtic Warrior,' or 'The Swiss Superman' try to use some tricks to pick up a win, but are stopped by Dewey. After that, we may see Big E or Kofi Kingston take out 'The Bar' members and pin the legal wrestler for the count.

This would mean that Dewey would be featured in a lot of angles in the future and that would be 'Best for Business'.

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