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3 wishes Smackdown Live 3/28/17: Harper's scary

Throw a penny in a well and blow out some candles, it's 11:11 somewhere and time for some wishful thinking.

Top 5 / Top 10 30 Mar 2017, 02:06 IST
I’m not biased because we have the same beard, Haper is a force.

I wish Luke Harper had more to do.

Luke Harper is awesome. He’s a big dude that moves incredibly well for his shape, which is the shape of  “Guy who lives down the road from the Sawyer family, and sells them farm animal bones for a fair price.” He was always the undercover ring general of Wyatt Family affairs. He’s as tough as he looks and way better than you think. But his character is one of the few that I genuinely want to win in the end. And that’s hard to happen when he’s seemingly just a loose end to a larger story.

Luke’s been the most consistent Wyatt member, aside from Bray, even with missed time due to an injury. Braun was held back on Raw so he can run straight into a creative brick wall. Erick Rowan missed most of the recent events of importance, although fingers crossed he’s back sooner rather than later.

So when he got pushed aside to make room for Randy Orton, who I never trusted in the first place, I was real-life upset for him. He deserves to be a Wyatt. He deserves more TV time. Luke Harper could easily be a World Championship threat, but it needs to happen now. He’s not a young guy. I’d love to see him come back and help Bray put down Randy Orton, with Erick Rowan close behind. We deserve the Wyatt Family back together so they can do what they couldn’t when The Shield was around.

Be the best faction in WWE, ever.

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