3 WWE faction members who could have fared better in the singles division

The Shield
The Shield

Through the years, WWE stables have turned into probably the most energizing components of any wrestling show, for example, The Four Horsemen, D-Generation X, or nWo, as well as more current groups like SAnitY, New Day, and The Shield. 

Few out of every odd gathering works, with a few groups neglecting to associate with fans. However, when a gathering gets over, it can prompt the absolute most energizing narrative believable, yet that doesn't imply that each individual from the wrestling group can succeed without the stable.

At the point when groups are as one, the stable can shroud its individual shortcomings and spotlight on their collective qualities, enabling everybody to look great.

In any case, inevitably, groups will separate and when that happens, those engaged with the stable must prove themselves as singles wrestlers. However, that doesn't always happen. 

Regularly, wrestlers who functioned admirably in a group fail to make it on their own, and wind up tumbling in the lower card of the main roster. In this article, we take a look at wrestlers who battled as singles stars after leaving successful stables, but never really made a huge impact.

#3 Luke Gallows (Straight Edge Society, Bullet Club, Balor Club)

Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows

When fans world over consider Luke Gallows as a wrestler, it is due either to his present job in WWE, his time in Japan as an individual from the Bullet Club or his debut WWE days, as Festus. Or even with Finn Balor in the Balor Club.

Luke Gallows' Festus gimmick during his initial days with CM Punk as his dominant sidekick and then later as Balor Club Member, Luke's career in WWE and beyond has been about being a member of different factions.

While he assumed a key job for the group and demonstrated the characteristics that the world presently know he has, he failed to make an impact in the single's division. Luke Gallows also failed to make an impact in the Tag-Team Division alongside Carl Anderson. Right now, Luke Gallows' presence on screen is only limited to their occasional Tag-Team affairs.

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Edited by Emeka Monyei
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