3 WWE face turns that made careers and 2 that destroyed

Ishaan Sharma

#2 Destroyed: The Miz 2012 (and 2018)

The Miz should only be a heel
The Miz should only be a heel

The Miz has been working for the WWE for a decade. He is one of the most talented villains in the WWE, but at one point, the company experimented with his run as a face.

There was a time when fans wanted him to be a face but when it happened, everyone was disappointed. In late 2012, The Miz turned face when he refused to join Team Punk for Survivor Series that year. He remained a face for over a year but the results weren’t good. Everyone thought that he will succeed as a face but he failed terribly.

Last year as well, The Miz again turned face and it seems like it is failing this time as well. He is currently in a team with Shane McMahon and despite a few good spots, it is not his best work.

However, the time is currently right and I think his face run could succeed if the WWE puts him against Daniel Bryan or any bigger heel.

Edited by Kaushal Raj
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