3 WWE Superstars that could temporarily replace Big E in The New Day 

Big E is currently out recovering from a broken neck
Big E is currently out recovering from a broken neck
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Riju Dasgupta

WWE Superstar Big E is out recovering from a broken neck. The good news, as Xavier Woods informed us recently, is that he's on the road to recovery, believed to be alright in a couple of months.

Somehow, The New Day as a two-man unit simply does not cut it. Their feud with Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch just seems a tad underwhelming and is lacking that X-factor that could help push it to the next level. If they recruit a WWE Superstar, it could yield multiple benefits.

Yes, on the one hand, the WWE Superstar that becomes a part of The New Day gets a rub from the veterans. Maybe a fresh coat of paint from the experienced Kingston and Woods? Additionally, when Big E does eventually return, there is a readymade storyline for him to sink his teeth into.

There are indeed three highly prolific individuals on the WWE SmackDown roster that could benefit from this pairing that we have identified in this article. Hey, if you think we've missed out on a certain name, let us know in the comments.

#3 WWE Superstar Madmap Moss could really use the rub

Even though the WWE Universe somehow seems to have taken a liking to Madcap Moss, there's no telling how long this little romance will last. Moss used to be a fellow who told dad jokes to the audience, but now as a babyface, he's just an ordinary... guy?!

As a member of The New Day, he could certainly be just as entertaining without having to change his character.

#2 Ricochet could benefit from a run with The New Day

There is probably no WWE Superstar walking the face of the planet who is as agile or athletic as Ricochet is. That is not a problem at all. Beyond that, he is just a regular guy who brags about his achievements to Aliyah backstage. He is missing the X-Factor that the industry-defining stars over the years have had.

He could seamlessly fit into The New Day as a third member, even if it was for a very brief period. So when Big E returns, he could go after the title that Ricochet holds. The possibilities are endless. At any rate, it would be a step up for the Intercontinental Champion.

#1 Drew Gulak could find his footing as a member of the stable

Drew Gulak is not cut out to be a broadcaster. From the looks of it, he is not really equipped to be Adam Pearce's intern either. So that begs the question, what is the perfect role for this young and talented man?

Maybe the power of positivity can consume him and take him to new heights. It does help that Gulak is just as good a mat wrestler as Butch is, which could lead to some exceptional battles in the ring if the feud between the two tag teams continues. Maybe he can remind the world how good a wrestler he truly is.

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