3 WWE stars who can join Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio if they form a new Judgment Day

Liv Morgan and The Judgment Day
Liv Morgan may have her eyes on The Judgment Day! [Images via WWE.com & WWE IG]

The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour has taken a whole new turn lately, as Morgan is adamant about taking everything away from Rhea Ripley in the latter's absence. After capturing the Women's World Championship, the 29-year-old star has seemingly shifted her focus to Mami's Latino Heat, Dominik Mysterio.

This could eventually cause a crack within The Judgment Day, which is already struggling in Rhea Ripley's absence. There's a good possibility that Liv could form a new version of The Judgment Day on Monday Night RAW in the coming weeks after taking Mysterio on his side.

Let's look at three WWE stars who can join Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio if they form a revamped version of The Judgment Day:

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#3. Finn Balor

To form a revamped version of The Judgment Day, it must have the essence of the heel faction. Therefore, Finn Balor could be one of the names who could switch sides and join forces with Liv Morgan if the latter formed a new version of the heel faction.

Balor is undeniably the heart of the villainous group. Hence, his involvement would be pivotal. Besides, the former Universal Champion also seems to have heat with Damian Priest, as the two have different ideologies. It could be a matter of time before The Prince ditches The Archer of Infamy.

Therefore, Finn Balor may have a very good reason to join Dominik Mysterio and the current Women's World Champion in the new version of The Judgment Day. Besides, Balor and Morgan were also spotted together backstage on Monday Night RAW last month.

#2. JD McDonagh

JD McDonagh is another possible name who could join Liv Morgan if the latter takes charge of The Judgment Day. There have been numerous instances when McDonagh has showcased his frustration after getting berated by Damian Priest.

Therefore, his frustrations could soon reach their boiling point, resulting in his departure from the faction. Similar to Dominik Mysterio, Morgan could also turn The Irish Ace on his side on Monday Night RAW if she intends to form a new Judgment Day in Rhea Ripley's absence.

The current Women's World Champion was spotted having a conversation with McDonagh backstage on RAW last week. This seems to indicate that they have been cooking something together, which could soon be conspicuous.

#1. Dijak could join forces with Liv Morgan

Another shocking name who could be part of the revamped version of The Judgment Day under Liv Morgan is former NXT star Dijak. The 37-year-old star was drafted to Monday Night RAW during the 2024 Draft. Although he has yet to feature on the flagship show, the 37-year-old recently made his debut on the recent episode of the Main Event, where he locked horns with Pete Dunne.

After possibly bringing Dominik Mysterio and others on her side, Liv Morgan could reveal Dijak as the new member of her potential heel faction. Due to his formidable stature and intimidating presence, Dijak could be the best possible replacement for Damian Priest if Morgan forms a new version of The Judgment Day.

As a result, the Women's World Champion could finally fulfill her prophecy, as she vowed to take everything away from Rhea Ripley. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming weeks.

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Edited by Yash Mittal
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