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3 WWE Superstars Chris Jericho likes, and 2 he doesn't

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Jericho on RAW.
Jericho on RAW.

Chris Jericho is a true icon of professional wrestling.

Sure, he may not have become a pop-culture icon on the level of Hulk Hogan, the Rock or John Cena, but Y2J has still become a huge star in and out of the ring.

A 9-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Jericho was also the first Undisputed Champion, a tag-team and European Champion, as well as the current IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

Outside of the ring, Jericho has done some acting, having his own series 'But I'm Chris Jericho', which saw a fictionalized version of the Canadian try his hand at all sorts of ventures.

Jericho has become a huge musical success in his band Fozzy, with Y2J juggling time with WWE with touring schedules.

With such an illustrious career, it's easy to see why Jericho has so many friends, but there's still some he doesn't like, or rather, don't like him.

Here are three WWE Superstars Jericho is friends with, and two he can't see eye-to-eye with.

#3 Likes: Roman Reigns

Jericho and the Big Dog
Jericho and the Big Dog

On-screen, Roman Reigns battled Kevin Owens in early 2017, with the Big Dog failing to take the Universal Championship from the Prizefighter.


As part of the story, Reigns also feuded with Chris Jericho, with Jericho even defeating Reigns to win the United States title.

In an interview on his popular Talk Is Jericho podcast, the master of the Codebreaker spoke about those he had become close friends with, and name-dropped the Big Dog.

In a rather sad moment, Jericho admitted that most of the stars he hung out with on the road were at least ten years younger than him, but said that most Superstars his age were either retired or dead.

Hopefully it won't be long until the Big Dog is back. 

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