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3 WWE Superstars that need to turn heel in 2019

Aatif Alam
03 Jan 2019, 16:39 IST

Always better off as a heel
Always better off as a heel

The persona a wrestler portrays in the ring is an important ingredient to the success of the wrestler. History has shown us how a change of character can make or break superstars. Look at Dwayne Johnson. He was introduced as Rocky Maivia, a clean-cut babyface when he first arrived in the WWE. The audience did not get behind him and he failed miserably, only to return as a "The Rock".

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We all know how that worked out for him. Becky Lynch was caught up in "The Irish Lass Kicker" babyface gimmick and was struggling until she snapped and turned on the fans. She is now at the top of the women's division on Smackdown Live, and is labelled as "The Man". Here are 3 superstars who need to turn heel in 2019 in order to make an impact.

#1. Bobby Roode

Roode needs to turn heel
Roode needs to turn heel

Bobby Roode is currently the Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Chad Gable. However, there is no denying how much Roode can do on his own, provided he turns heel. WWE needs to learn from his TNA run, how successful he was as a cocky heel. Him turning on his Beer Money partner James Storm was a successful story told, followed by his TNA World Championship run. Roode also gained success as a heel back in NXT.

However, since he debuted on Smackdown Live as a face, it never seemed like WWE had any big plans for him. Caught in lacklustre storylines, he was given a short United States title run, which ended at merely 54 days after he lost the title to Randy Orton. Since then, he has been caught up in the mid-card, and his tag team with Chad Gable doesn't look very promising. His gimmick, "The Glorious One", with his flashy robes and his entrance, all shout heel.

He deserves to be in contention for a singles title, not the tag team titles. Maybe Roode and Gable could drop the Tag Titles to The Revival, only for Roode to brutally attack Gable. He could bring back the narcissistic heel gimmick by declaring himself better than not only Gable but the entire WWE Universe. WWE needs to start utilizing his potential as a heel. If his character is played out well, he could have a successful singles run in the WWE.

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