3 WWE Superstars Triple H personally fired and 3 he hired

Triple H is one of WWE's key decision-makers
Triple H is one of WWE's key decision-makers

#4 Triple H told Alberto Del Rio he was being fired


Triple H phoned Alberto Del Rio in August 2014 to inform him that he had been released from his WWE contract. The Mexican, who had been with the company since 2009, was fired for “unprofessional conduct” after he slapped a WWE employee who allegedly made a racist comment towards him.

Speaking on Keeping It 100 with Konnan, Del Rio explained that he was initially told “everything was going to be fine” by people within WWE. However, he then received a call from Triple H, who delivered the news of his release.

“Everyone knows that when I talked to the important people in the company they told me that everything was going to be fine, just go and shake hands. Several days later, Triple H called me and said that they had to let me go. I was shocked. He [WWE employee] made fun of me and disrespected me, yet I'm the one being fired?” [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Del Rio added that he put the phone down on Triple H after telling him that he would work for another wrestling promotion if WWE fired him, even if it hindered his chances of one day making a return.

As it turned out, the former WWE Champion returned in October 2015 before leaving the company once again in September 2016.

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