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3 WWE superstars who might get inducted into the 2019 Hall of Fame

Israel Lutete
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Will these Superstars make it next year?
These Superstars could make it to the WWE HOF next year

The WWE Hall of Fame is where living or deceased legends get their names etched in the history books.

Much like most other hall of fame ceremonies, people who have dedicated their lives to their respective industry and changed it for the better--including influencing the lives of other people, whether living or dead--are honored. The WWE Hall of Fame was inaugurated a long time ago, and every year WWE Superstars and celebrities are inducted into the Hall of Fame before Wrestlemania--with most inductees also appearing at the actual event.

Last year, witnessed a few great Superstars such as Mark Henry, Goldberg etc. get inducted and even though there are plenty of deserving superstars who are yet to be inducted such as Owen Hart, Chyna--there presently are 3 big-name Superstars who might get inducted next year, based on their current status.

Many legends have left an incredible impression of fans' minds with their work in the squared circle; and have indeed done so much for the business. While we can't say all of them should be inducted, given the high level of competition as regards the Hall of Fame induction--certain Superstars stand out from the rest of the pack.

The WWE comprises several such stellar performers who put forth their blood, sweat and tears for the sake of our entertainment. Regardless, certain current Superstars on RAW and Smackdown Live prove that they are worthy of being inducted, with some of them slowly stepping away from the ring due to age and injuries sustained.

Here are 3 Superstars that might get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019--

#3 The Big Show

The World's Largest Athlete
The World's Largest Athlete is a pro-wrestling legend

The Big Show has been in the wrestling business for over two decades and has captured the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship and WCW Heavyweight Championship, WWE world tag team championship and more. He had a phenomenal run in WCW as The Giant and continued his success when he joined the WWE in 1999, potrayed as a heel.

Big Show has competed at several WrestleManias as well as captured multiple championships.


The gentle giant has been lauded by both fans and experts alike for his in-ring performances over the course of his long and storied career. Big Show also had success outside WWE, in the acting realm.

The World's Largest Athlete presently only wrestles sporadically, and is slowly stepping away from the ring. Retirement seems to be on the horizon for the big man, and if he does retire in the months to come, him being inducted in the HOF next year is definitely not out of the question.

Big Show's accomplishments in the wrestling business are unquestionable, and he truly is one of the greatest giants to ever step foot in the ring.

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