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30 WWE superstars and their celebrity lookalikes

David Marquez
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WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has a notable doppelganger, as does Hollywood mega-star Kaley Cuoco
WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has a notable doppelganger, as does Hollywood megastar Kaley Cuoco

The WWE is beyond the shadow of a doubt an important part of the sports-entertainment puzzle today.

Several entertainers--be it athletes, models, actors/actresses, dancers, etc--often find great heights of success upon transitioning to the world of professional wrestling and the WWE.

Touching on the same, it's only normal for fans to compare popular WWE Superstars to their fellow celebrity lookalikes in other spheres of the entertainment industry. In this article, we take a comprehensive look at the stark similarities between some of the biggest celebrities in the world and our favorite WWE performers--

#1 Kaley Cuoco and Taryn Terrell

Kaley Cuoco and former WWE Superstar Taryn Terrell resemble one another
Kaley Cuoco and former WWE Superstar Taryn Terrell resemble one another

One of the most popular Hollywood stars today bears a rather uncanny resemblance to one of the most beloved female professional wrestlers. Comparisons between Hollywood superstar Kaley Cuoco and former TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell have been drawn since Terrell began working in WWE back in 2007--around the same time when Cuoco commenced essaying the iconic role of "Penny" on The Big Bang Theory.

Said comparisons gained further steam when Cuoco and Terrell were featured prominently on both the Playboy and Maxim magazines--which in turn provided a huge impetus to talks of them being lookalikes.

Cuoco rose to prominence as a child actor, and is the same age as Terrell--with Cuoco earning global acclaim for her acting chops, comic-timing and professionalism; whereas widely-respected stunt-woman and actress Terrell has been lauded by many for her efficiency, poise and perfectionist approach.

However, a rather lesser known fact about the duo is that both women are life-long athletes--not in one but two sports respectively! Cuoco competed as an amateur tennis player from the age of 3 to 16, before parting ways with the sport to focus on her acting career--whereas Terrell's rise to notoriety came with her exploits in the pro-wrestling ring for promotions such as WWE, TNA, etc.

Both Cuoco and Terrell are self-proclaimed animal lovers--with Cuoco also being an avid equestrian and Terrell now competing as a cross-fit athlete.



Both Kaley Cuoco and Taryn Terrell are around 5'6" tall, and incredibly athletic--as evidenced by their skills, in tennis and equestrian for the former, and pro-wrestling and cross-fit for the latter. Both Cuoco and Terrell have reiterated their belief in compound lifts and yoga, while addressing fans on social media--crediting their strict training routines and diet for their fitness.

These two women share a few fascinating similarities--with the shape of their face being virtually identical. Upon careful observation you'd note that their eyes, cheekbones and lips are very much alike. Moreover, with both women being elite athletes, the shape of their body is also correlative with one another.

I, for one, won't be surprised to see Cuoco and Terrell star alongside one another in a rom-com movie down the line.

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