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4 Bloodiest wrestling matches that you probably don't remember

Aviral Shukla
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#2: Sgt. Slaughter vs Pat Patterson, Alley Fight (May 4, 1981)

The first time WWE went extreme!
The first time WWE went extreme!

Some people may forget, but pro wrestling did exist before Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. In many ways, the wrestling was better. Enter Sgt. Slaughter versus Pat Patterson.

This match that took place at Madison Square Garden before a packed and raucous crowd that believed in everything the two athletes did. For them, it was real because the wrestlers made it look real.

This match was a back alley fight, with no disqualification, and each wrestler took advantage of the rules. Midway through the match, Sgt. Slaughter bladed. A process in which a wrestler cuts himself with a razor blade to encourage blood to flow from the forehead. Unfortunately, Sarge cut a little too deep.

He bled like a stuck pig for almost ten minutes straight. It didn't help, that Slaughter wore a white wife beater shirt, which accentuated the bloody mess. This match was so realistic that it was used by the WWE developmental system for several years, to teach younger wrestlers how to sell moves.