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4 current Superstars who have never been heels on the main roster

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Bayley and Sasha Banks
Bayley and Sasha Banks

Being a babyface in WWE requires Superstars to be either loveable personalities or those that have an anti-authority gimmick, much like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Becky Lynch.

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Babyfaces get all the adulation and love, but it doesn't always make a storyline or a gimmick interesting as being a face forever in WWE could stagnate a gimmick.

Most WWE Superstars have a run as a heel and a babyface in their career, but some Superstars stay babyfaces for most of their career. Let's take a look at 4 current Superstars who have never been heels in WWE. This list includes Superstars who have never been heels on the main roster:

#4. Bayley


Bayley is one of the most popular babyfaces in WWE currently and has been a babyface for her entire WWE run in the main roster.

Bayley even knows the kind of heel she wants to be if she ever transitions to becoming one in the future in WWE. While speaking to Stone Cold Steve Austin a few years ago, Bayley revealed that she would be a heel like how Eddie Guerrero was in WWE.

"You don't get that anymore out of heels being like coming out like they're completely miserable and that makes you like... “Gah, dude, if you don't want to be here just don't come then!” That's how I felt watching him. It's like “Why are you even doing this if you don't even want to do it?”

"And then he'd get into the ring and be so nasty and just have that look of like disgust and he was too good for it all. I don't know, it was something about that, like, I always told myself too if I were to ever be heel I want to make myself so miserable because that's one of the most hateable things, I think," said Bayley, back in 2017. (H/T Cageside Seats)


If Bayley does turn heel sometime in the future, it would be quite a surprise considering she's always been a loveable babyface on WWE television.

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