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4 feuds Dean Ambrose can be involved in after his return

Dean Ambrose can involve in the following in the following feuds to elevate his position in WWE after his return.

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Dean Ambrose's return plans
Dean Ambrose's return plans

Dean Ambrose got injured during his tag team match with Seth Rollins and Jason Jordon against The Bar and Samoa Joe. He is suffering from a high-grade triceps tear. Recently, he went through a surgery and it might take 6-7 months for him to recover and return to WWE.

Dean Ambrose has never taken a day off during his 6-year long career in the main roster of WWE. He was the main star when Seth Rollins and John Cena were away with injuries. As all the top stars are back, he has never got the due attention he deserves. He is always ignored and treated as an upper middle card player. If it were not for The Shield reunion, he would still be in the same old position that he was always in. His torn triceps can allow him and his career to take a deep breath and start afresh.

He is going to return in September but we never know, Lunatic Fringe can return before his estimated time and turn the tables upside down. He can involve himself with the following superstars and create a good feud with them.

#1 Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Brotherhood turns to rivalry
Brotherhood turns to rivalry

This feud has happened before but this time it will be the other way around. This time Seth Rollins will be the face and Ambrose will be the heel. Previously, Ambrose became a headache for Rollins. He filled his MITB briefcase with slime and what not.

This time he can take his revenge with Seth by accusing him of treachery and his association with Jordon. It can be a perfect feud for the summer of this year. Ambrose will take it to another level because of his lunacy and he can also destroy The Shield reunion. His turn will attract a lot of attention and support from the Universe and also it will give him a major push as a heel. He can also become one of the top heels of the RAW roster.

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