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4 Former WWE Wrestlers Who Look Identical To Current Superstars

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33.90K   //    05 Oct 2018, 08:19 IST

In this article, we take a look at 4 former WWE wrestlers who look identical to current Superstars...

With how many talent come and go from WWE, it's truly inevitable that some wrestlers will look alike -- and besides, if Vince McMahon likes a certain look, it can be guaranteed he'd be on the lookout for another performer with a similar build and appearance.

Now we have all heard of the comparisons between past and present WWE stars talent-wise (Seth Rollins and Shawn Michaels for example), but the following 4 pairs of former and current WWE Superstars share far more than just a similar move set in the ring and charisma... As we all know, history is bound to repeat itself, so it's definitely not all too surprising that some of the present WWE roster resembles legends from the past.

In fact, there are actually quite a few current WWE stars who look rather similar, with Kurt Hawkins and Buddy Murphy being a prime example of this -- Seth Rollins and Elias make another worthy mention.

Some of these identical former/current wrestlers will have you contemplating if the WWE have a secret "Superstar factory" where they custom design their wrestlers, because yes, many of the similarities are that uncanny! With that said, let's take a closer look at 4 former WWE wrestlers who look identical to current Superstars.

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#4 Damien Sandow and Elias...

Damien Sandow and Elias are very much the same personality wise, but looks as well...

Before the WWE Universe was blessed with the talent, charisma and musical abilities of Elias, we had the extraordinarily underrated Damien Sandow -- "The Intellectual Savior To The Masses". While Elias is mainly based around a guitar/singing gimmick where as Damien Sandow was an obnoxious scholar, the two definitely share a very similar vibe, personality, and best of all, an uncanny resemblance looks-wise.

Taking a peek at the photograph showcased above of Sandow side-by-side with Elias, if you hadn't known better, there's a good chance you'd either have believed they were the same person at two different points in time, or twin brothers.

The void of Damien Sandow has been filled with the newcomer Elias, and we as fans can only hope that the WWE make right on Elias, and give him the main event opportunities they took away from the former Money In The Bank briefcase holder, Damien Sandow.

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