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4 genius things that prove Bray Wyatt becoming The Fiend was WWE's plan all along

  • The clues were all there - It's amazing we didn't see Bray Wyatt becoming the Fiend all along.
Daniel Wood
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:08 IST

We were told that Bray Wyatt was
We were told that Bray Wyatt was 'The Fiend' four years ago

#3. Unearthed WWE YouTube Video of Bray Wyatt telling a 'ghost story'

Around the same time that Bray Wyatt was adding random sentences that didn't fit into his promos as breadcrumbs for The Fiend, Wyatt also filmed a seemingly innocuous WWE YouTube Video called 'Superstar Ghost Stories: Bray Wyatt' and within it was a huge allusion to The Fiend.

The video was unearthed and transcribed by Sportskeeda's own Gary Cassidy but you can watch Wyatt talk about The Fiend below,

First of all, Wyatt mentions that he was hunting in the woods for rabbits, and what happens in an episode of Firefly Funhouse? Ramblin' Rabbit gets eaten by Mercy the Buzzard. But then things get really interesting.

Wyatt complains that as he gets closer to the figure in the woods the noise radiates in his ears so much it hurts, he then holds his ears in a particular way that will be familiar to anyone who has see The Fiend's ambushes and his SummerSlam match.

Four years apart
Four years apart

Wyatt then goes on to describe what the figure in the woods looks like,

"He was about seven foot tall, walking upright. No pigment in his skin, he was as pale as a pearl. He had thin yellow hairs running all the way down to his knees. He was carrying an alligator with one hand, dragging it across the beach-line....and that's when he looked at me, his eyes were yellow like a cat."

Now, that description fits perfectly with Bray Wyatt as The Fiend as he has a pale white mask, yellow dreadlocks, yellow eyes and the alligator in one hand? Well, that's the mandible claw isn't it? I'm also willing to bet it's the hand that has 'hurt' written on the glove.

The Fiend
The Fiend's yellow cat-like eyes as described by Wyatt FOUR years ago

The 'ghost story' ends with the iconic Sister Abigail telling Bray Wyatt that he is the man in the woods. Which again, hints directly at the fact that The Fiend was inside Bray Wyatt all along and now it's finally been awakened.

The number of uncanny similarities between this story that Wyatt told four years ago and the Fiend as we know him today certainly make it seem like we were given the origin story for the Fiend character and we just didn't know it yet.

Not convinced, how about this tweet?

Published 14 Aug 2019, 03:16 IST
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