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4 Hilarious moments from this week's WWE programming

Otis, Gable and Daniel Bryan
Otis, Gable and Daniel Bryan
Modified 03 Jan 2021, 23:25 IST

While the wrestling world is still reeling under the shock demise of Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee, there were certain moments on WWE programming this week that made the fans smile amid this tragic development. Credit to WWE for deftly balancing the gravity of the situation with the content they produced over the week.

On that note, let's recall some of these moments and take another dose of healthy laughter. Do share your favorite funny moments from the week in the comments section. 

#4 Angel Garza wins the WWE 24/7 Championship during The New Day's TikTok stream

Yes, there are several fans out there who have termed this as a possible burial of Angel Garza, but not many can deny the fact that this was genuinely funny. During The New Day's TikTok stream on the New Year's Eve, 24/7 Champion R-Truth made an appearance saying he just returned from Australia, where 2021 had already started. WWE Referee John Cone, too made his way, in a celebratory mood, with Truth asking if even he had returned from Australia. 

The 45-time champion had no idea 2020 would end on such a disastrous note for him. Angel Garza made his way from behind and rolled him up for a pin, with Cone doing the honors. Only Mr. Cone can strike such a tremendous balance between work life and party life. While Garza walked away as the champion, R-Truth was left stunned, Xavier Woods in mourning, and Kofi Kingston in a hysterical mood. 

#3 Austin Theory utters the 'C word', leading to Johnny Gargano losing his cool (WWE NXT)


After Austin Theory won the 'Breakout Star of the Year' award, he was evidently overjoyed, and it resulted in disaster. Giving an impassioned speech about how he always told everyone that he was the 'future' of NXT and that it turned out to be true, he also assured Johnny Gargano that he would retain his North American Championship and 'break the curse'. 

Gargano lost his cool, took the Jar of Gargano whey protein powder from Theory's hands, and threw it across the room to break a mirror. Well, a mirror breaking down is a sign of bad luck, and as expected, Gargano was visibly shattered after it. 

A Superstar who was possibly the best wrestler in all of North America in 2018 and 2019 developed into a comedy genius in 2020, all while still being a tremendous in-ring worker. All hail, Gargano. 

#2 Alpha Academy's Hip Dance (WWE SmackDown)


The newest member of Alpha Academy, Daniel Bryan, delivered the best comedic moments of this week's SmackDown. Apart from their hilarious training session, this particular moment, as seen in the above GIF, was the single-most funniest yet adorable moment of the week. 

To see Bryan lighten up and engage in such banter, after pouring in years of hard work into his craft, is heart-warming. Not just the former five-time WWE Champion, but Gable and Otis were also in top form. While they would eventually be put into the tag-title scene, until then, such moments are most welcome. 

#1 Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston groove to Jeff Hardy's theme music (WWE RAW)

The New Day has made their way into this list for the second time. Before the scheduled match pitting The New Day and Hardy Bros against The Hurt Business on WWE RAW begun, Woods and Kingston were seen grooving to Jeff Hardy's theme music, and it was utterly hilarious and relatable.

It also, in a way, represented what all the Hardy fans do whenever he makes his way to the ring. There's no one in all of WWE that better understands the pulse of the fans than The New Day. All of this took place while Woods was still wearing the armband that read 'Brodie'. A bittersweet moment, indeed.

Published 03 Jan 2021, 23:08 IST
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