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How would NXT's title holders fare in the 2017 Survivor Series champion vs champion matches?

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Raw vs. SmackDown
We've all seen Raw vs. SmackDown, but where does NXT fit in all this?

This year's Survivor Series is essentially another edition of the Bragging Rights and the original Night of Champions events with Raw and SmackDown competing against each other for brand supremacy.

As such, the champions of each brand are facing off against the other brand's equivalent champion, with the two world champions paired together, the two tag teams champions and so on.

However, there's another whole brand being left out of the running: NXT.

While it's a developmental system used to train the next batch of Superstars, there's no denying that NXT is indeed WWE's tertiary brand and the next in line after Raw and SmackDown, unlike 205 Live which is just an offshoot of Raw's roster.

With that in mind, if these Survivor Series bouts were changed to incorporate NXT — making them Triple Threat matches — how would that alter the card and what would the tertiary brand's impact and chances be against their red and blue brethren?

Let's take a look at the matches we'd be getting.

#1 Tag teams: SAnitY vs. The Usos vs. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

NXT Tag Team Champions SAnitY

The current NXT tag team champions are the lunatics known as SAnitY, who operate under The Freebird Rule, meaning all three members of the team (and, theoretically, Nikki Cross) could enter a match to defend the titles, even though no belts are on the line at Survivor Series.

Still, this means the pairing could be Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe or either of those two with Killian Dain instead, and the big man is a major asset.


Ideally, it would make sense for the duo to represent NXT's tag team division to be Young and Dain as that would pair up the wisdom and leadership of Young with Dain's strength —traits Wolfe doesn't exhibit too much — to give them the best chance against Raw and SmackDown.

However, their opponents are just too much for them to be able to handle.

The Usos are one of the most revered tag teams in this modern era, sticking around for nearly a decade and obtaining five titles to their names. They have the experience and the credibility to beat any team that comes their way.

Even more so, two-thirds of The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins would be far too big of a challenge for SAnitY, particularly if it were Dain and Wolfe as the competitors since they're rookies in comparison.

Ambrose and Rollins are both world champions who have been in the main event of Raw and SmackDown for years establishing a credibility that would never be overtaken by people who would be seen as beneath them on the hierarchy ladder like that.

There's always room for a good showing, but there's no way SAnitY would come out the victors.

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