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4 Impending WWE Superstar Retirements That Will Leave The WWE Universe In Tears

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4 impending WWE Superstar retirements that will leave the WWE Universe in tears...

Unfortunately, "goodbyes" are just another aspect of sports entertainment, and they are totally out of our control. Whether WWE Superstars retire or leave due to career-ending injuries, to pursue other career aspirations or the fact that they have wrestled as long as their bodies can handle, the reason definitely doesn't make it any easier on their loyal fans -- just look at wrestlers such as Edge and Paige who were not in control whatsoever over their shortened careers, fans were still terribly upset regardless...

Every year, a couple WWE stars end up leaving the company, with some being released, a couple asking for their own release in search of greener pastures, and of course, some legends retire. The landscape of the WWE is changing at an ever-so-quick pace, and many of our favorite Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era Superstars are slowly fading out into retirement with each passing year -- there are only a few remaining on the current WWE roster.

We are currently at a bit of a "crossroads" period of time in WWE, as the company is transitioning to the "New Era" with up and coming Superstars at the forefront (Roman Reigns has now replaced John Cena as the top merch. seller) -- there are also a number of seasoned wrestling veterans who are very close to retirement as we speak, Cena included. Today, we will take a closer look at 4 impending WWE Superstar retirements that will leave the WWE Universe in tears...

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#4 Kane

"The Big Red Machine" has been a staple in the WWE for over 20 years now...

One of the biggest legends in the business, "The Big Red Monster" Kane has done all there is to do in sports entertainment. For well over 20 years now, Kane has sacrificed and dedicated his body, time and energy to the WWE, and he has undoubtedly helped keep fans intrigued in the product for many years -- some fans are a bit harsh towards Kane now a days due to the fact that Kane's slightly stale, but we all respect the former WWE World Champion none the less for his contributions to the business.

Despite being a fixture in WWE to this very day, it is becoming evident that Kane is slowly but surely transitioning into his new career as a politician (Kane is the current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee). Some fans may moan when they hear that infamous music hit, but before you know it, we will have heard and seen the last of Kane in WWE as an active in-ring competitor.

Although there's a good chance Kane will make sporadic appearances for years to come beyond 2019, it's doubtful Kane will be a wrestler for much longer -- Kane's impending retirement will definitely be a sad day for many...

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