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 4 interesting things about Drew McIntyre

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Modified 04 Dec 2018, 19:15 IST

You've got to admit that Drew Mcintyre ticks all the boxes

Day by day, ever since he stepped up to the Raw roster, Drew McIntyre has gotten bigger and bigger, and his presence has become as prominent as ever. Gone are the days of "The Chosen One" gimmick which almost ran him into the ground.

Now, from whichever angle you look, Drew McIntyre is the real deal. Amazing in the ring, he possesses a great move set. What's more amazing is the persona that he has developed. He's no more the cocky little kid who would move around with a sense of entitlement.

Now he's a huge man with a crazily impressive presence in the ring which shouts out "Future Star" whenever he makes an appearance. With these things in mind, I just thought it would be a good idea to get to know the Scottish Psychopath a bit more.

Let's get to know Drew a bit more with a few of the more interesting things about Drew McIntyre.

#1 He Started Early

Drew started preparing for wrestling at a very young age of just 15 years old
Drew started preparing for wrestling at a very young age of just 15 years old

Drew had his sights set very early on what he wanted to do in life, he had a clear goal and he went after it from a young age. Drew started training for a wrestling career at a tender age of just 15 years at the school of Frontier Wrestling Alliance.

His parents were also supportive of him as they would take him on 12-hour road trips to support his matches at a very early stage. Such an early start set him apart as he was able to shine very early and caught Vince McMahon's eye at a very young age.

His early gimmick of "The Chosen One" actually stemmed from Vince McMahon himself.

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Published 04 Dec 2018, 19:15 IST
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