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4 of WWE's recent major missed opportunities 

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Enzo Amore and The Miz
Enzo Amore and The Miz

From The Miz to Dolph Ziggler, where has the WWE gone wrong in recent months?

When the Brand Split 2.0 was implemented by WWE a year ago, the main premise was it was needed to ensure that they drew eyes to their individual primetime shows - RAW and Smackdown, and subsequently provide airtime for the plethora of talent that the company had accumulated and who were underutilised.

The idea was to force fans to watch the respective shows as talent would be dedicated to their individual brands. If you wanted to watch your favourite wrestler you would have to watch the show he was on.

In theory, this should have allowed existing talent to emerge from the shadows, given the larger TV time and slots for talent. But the WWE creative team has failed to seize the opportunities that have presented themselves and exploit the talent they have at their disposal.

#1 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph ZigglerIs Dolph the most underutilised talent in the WWE?

No one has ever doubted The Showoff's in-ring abilities and moving him to Smackdown and the "land of opportunities" -- as the brand is nicknamed -- should have elevated him to the main event scene, but can you remember the last time that Ziggler actually won a feud?

His current story arch has seen him turn into a confused heel mimicking the entrances of classic WWE Superstars, whilst berating the crowd for their indifference to his talent.

It seems that the powers that be in the WWE are you trying to bury this man. He has charisma, talent and is a darling of the Internet Wrestling Community. Given a solid run and storyline, Ziggler could catapult himself into the main event scene and convincingly play a face or a heel.

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