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4 Reasons why John Cena needs to return to WWE soon 

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26.11K   //    29 Jun 2018, 17:31 IST

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While Cena might be polarising, he is one of the last Superstars on the roster to invoke emotion from fans.

"Let's go, Cena, Cena Sucks," that world-famous duelling chant has been echoed throughout arenas this year, even though the 16-time World Champion has not been around since WrestleMania. Now, most would ask why?

Is it cause fans are bored with the WWE product that they instead witness Cena in action or is it because Cena's absence has caused his most critical haters to miss him? And whether you adore him for his core values or despise him for his explicit representation of how management envisions a babyface, the fact remains John Cena has been WWE's biggest star and probably still is.

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Therefore, with pay-per-views like Backlash and Money in the Bank out of the way, the company needs their top guy in Cena to elevate business in time for SummerSlam 2018, as "the biggest party of the summer" needs star power and Cena can provide just that, but could Cena return earlier to the company? The reasons are there to make that possible, and the WWE creative team need just to design a proper booking strategy that would fully utilize Cena.

#1 The quest to become a grand slam champion

The one title that has eluded the champ.
The one title that has eluded the champ

There are multiple grand slam Champions in WWE today, and while most legends such as Randy Orton had to wait close to a decade to achieve that honour, young Superstars such as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns attained that accolade in no time. However, it is sometimes hard to believe that one of the most influential stars of the ruthless aggression and PG era has still not earned the right to be called a grand slam champion.

Cena has won it all from multiple Royal Rumbles to countless World Title's, but the IC Championship has eluded him his entire career. While most would say that Cena winning the IC Championship at this point in his wrestling career is irrelevant, recall the excellent work he had done with the United States Title back in 2015. As Cena took a title that was laying in mid-card obscurity and elevated it to main event status.

Even though the IC Title is in a much better state than it used to be thanks to the excellent work by the Miz and Seth Rollins, Cena holding the belt in a successful run could take the title to heights it once relished in. This more than logical enough to warrant a Cena return as his quest to become a Grand Slam Champion would not seem nonsensical and out of place but Cena would be a man trying to cap off a legendary career.

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