4 reasons why Roman Reigns must return to WWE as a babyface

Is The Tribal Chief
Roman Reigns is a former Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. [Image credits: wwe.com]

Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE since the end of his legendary 1316-day reign as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at WrestleMania XL. The Tribal Chief's absence has been felt deeply, especially in The Bloodline, where Solo Sikoa has seemingly orchestrated a hostile takeover. The Enforcer has grown ever bolder since seizing control of the group, adding Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa to its ranks.

It has led fans to cry out for Reigns to return, with "We Want Roman!" chants serenading Sikoa and his group in almost every segment, ringing louder each time. This fan sentiment has raised a very important question: Should The Head of the Table return as a heel or a babyface? There are great arguments to be made for either scenario, but it feels like a heroic return is the better option.

Below are four reasons why Roman Reigns must return to WWE as a babyface.

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#4. Roman Reigns returning to WWE as a babyface would be better for Solo Sikoa

Since Roman Reigns was dethroned at WrestleMania XL, Solo Sikoa has begun to come into his own as a top heel on WWE SmackDown. The Street Champ has successfully remodeled The Bloodline to his liking, effectively garnering heat while appearing as a top threat. Having secured victory over Randy Orton and Kevin Owens and then put The Prizefighter on the shelf, the group is climbing up the ladder in the Stamford-based promotion.

It would harm their momentum a lot if Roman Reigns returned as a heel and overshadowed Sikoa. However, if The Tribal Chief returned as a babyface, the ensuing conflict would work wonders for all involved. Solo's days as the Tribal Heir to the throne are over, and he should be allowed to take his shot at leadership, whether he sinks or swims. The only way this happens is if Reigns returns as a babyface.

#3. Recent events in The Bloodline point to Roman Reigns returning to WWE as a babyface

Since Roman Reigns' last appearance in WWE, The Bloodline has transformed into a nearly unrecognizable new version. Solo Sikoa has transitioned from the Tribal Heir to the mutinous usurper, Paul Heyman from confident mouthpiece to cowering hostage, and Jimmy Uso from trusted lieutenant to discarded castoff.

The new Bloodline, consisting of Sikoa, Tama Tonga, The Wiseman, and Tonga Loa bears little resemblance to the family that Reigns built. Will The Tribal Chief just roll with the changes made in his absence by The Enforcer, presumably under his orders? Will The Usos' younger brother just relinquish his new-found power? Will Reigns let Solo's harsh treatment of his Wiseman slide? It is not likely, which is why a babyface turn is a safe bet.

#2. The Rock is a big reason why Roman Reigns must return to WWE as a babyface

WWE's pivot to Cody Rhodes finishing his story created an interesting dynamic in The Bloodline on the Road to WrestleMania XL. The Rock, initially slated to face a heel Roman Reigns as a babyface, had to turn heel eventually and join The Bloodline. This led the initial story into a direction much more popular with the audience, allowing The American Nightmare to unforgettably dethrone The Tribal Chief at The Show of Shows this year.

However, a huge elephant in the room was left unaddressed in The Bloodline: Who is the true head honcho of the family? Did The Final Boss truly fall in line with The Tribal Chief? There have been a series of subtle signs that The Great One will turn against his cousin, and seize control of the family. The Brahma Bull's heel character is much fresher than The Head of the Table's, so it makes more sense for the latter to be a babyface when they eventually collide.

Reigns must return to WWE as a babyface to prevent him from being overshadowed by his cousin, who is arguably a bigger, more powerful heel. Additionally, a babyface-heel dynamic will make their eventual clash better, and The Great One is not about to turn face, given the fact that he will likely face Cody Rhodes as a heel first.

#1. Roman Reigns' heel persona revolved around the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Upon his WWE return in 2020, Roman Reigns executed a long overdue heel turn masterfully, and with good reason. Many fans had grown jaded towards The Big Dog persona, while Reigns himself needed something new to be able to elevate his Bloodline, potential opponents, and the Universal Championship itself. In the storyline, he needed the championship to provide for his family and make everyone acknowledge him.

Fast forward to 2024, The Tribal Chief's run as the villain has hit all targets quite perfectly. There is little left to do for the domineering version of The Tribal Chief as a villain beyond pursuing a rematch with Cody Rhodes, a story that should arguably not be revisited soon.

If he is not reclaiming the title that was central to his heel character, is there any reason to keep Reigns as a villain? The time is right to turn babyface, especially since he has done all he could with the greatest prize in the company, and it helped him earn the acknowledgment he so craved.

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Edited by Pratyush Rai
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