4 Reasons why Bray Wyatt is being groomed to be the next Undertaker

Abid Khan
Modified 17 Aug 2019
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#2 Someone has to fill The Undertaker's shoes after he retires as an in-ring performer

Is Wyatt the one to replace the Undertaker?
Is Wyatt the one to replace the Undertaker?

Even if one can argue that there's nobody in the industry that can ever replace The Undertaker, The Fiend is certainly building a separate fanbase of his own.

He is terrifying, unforgiving, and a bit more intriguing than The Undertaker. Capitalizing on Wyatt's momentum could very well prove to be a game-changer for both WWE and The former Eater of Worlds.

Despite being one of the greatest to ever grace the squared circle, The Undertaker's credibility as an in-ring performer is starting to diminish.

His previous performances have been disappointing, with his last showdown against Goldberg receiving backlash from all around the world.

Considering that The Phenom is no longer the performer he once was, it would be ideal for Vince McMahon to slowly transition the Fiend into the second coming of the Deadman.

Wyatt definitely has some strong shoes to fill, but if provided with the right creative backing, the man could very well become the biggest star in the company.

Published 17 Aug 2019
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