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4 reasons why RAW is a better show than SmackDown

Anne Joseph
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War between two brands
The war between the two brands

RAW was always treated as the main show and SmackDown was always the second show in the WWE. Both of them worked as two different flagships but then they planned to unite the two brands in 2011. Yet again in 2016, they decided to split and RAW was given to Stephanie McMahon and SmackDown was given to Shane McMahon. They were the commissioners of their respective flagship program.

During the superstar draft, there was equal star power in both the franchises but later due to some minor shake-ups, RAW had all the powerful franchise wrestlers while SmackDown was left behind with the new talents and few star powers. Initially, SmackDown Live was the favorite show and RAW was dull and boring. SmackDown Live gave opportunities to young stars and even promoted them to build themselves. At one point, it had more viewership than RAW.

That's not the case in recent times, as RAW has become a much bigger show, and much better than SmackDown and here are 4 reasons why

#1 RAW is allowed to be better

Vince wants RAW to be better
Vince wants RAW to be better

RAW is a significantly better product than SmackDown at this point because it is allowed to be. RAW is the 3- hour long show and SmackDown is the 2- hour show. Everyone thought in 2016 when they decided to split the brand for the second time, there will be equality and both the shows will get equal importance. All the big, franchise stars are in RAW while SmackDown has to deal with all the new talents.

Vince clearly supports RAW more than SmackDown because RAW is the longer and more famous brand and SmackDown Live is the shorter less famous brand.

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