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3 reasons why Sami Zayn's injury is costing WWE at Summerslam

Amit Shukla
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A great storyline is injured
A great storyline is injured

Sami Zayn is a great wrestler, and the same can be said based on his matches on the main roster as well as other promotions worldwide. He and Kevin Owens started their careers together and currently, both of them are a part of the Raw main roster.

It is no surprise that the WWE tried to build on their friendship and feud selling capability from their days at NXT because when Sami Zayn won his first NXT Championship, Kevin Owens came to the ring and attacked his former friend on the ramp when they were heading backstage.

The duo has shown a sweet-bitter rivalry on screen, and there fights on screen are loved by all, because they can sell a feud so well that you are involved in it completely. However, Sami Zayn suffered a torn rotator cuff injury and is expected to return in the ring by February 2019. The time duration itself is so consuming, and it takes away the feuds that Sami could be involved in and make amazing storylines.

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Discussing why Sami Zayn missing Summerslam isn't a good idea, here are my reasons:

#3 Feud with Kevin Owens

Fight it Out
Fight it Out

The two wrestlers have brawled everywhere in the professional wrestling space, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that if the two get involved in a feud, they can sell it with their amazing promos as well as in-ring skills. 

Their feud at NXT or the main roster has always garnered a lot of media attention, and the same would have been the case if they would have fought it in the ring at Summerslam.

The injury took away a golden opportunity from the WWE and the fans too who could have seen them tear the house one more time and this time it must have been a no-holds-barred match. Think of the possibilities!

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