3 reasons why The Bar attacking Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins on WWE Raw was the best thing to do

Rollins and Kingston have a staredown
Rollins and Kingston have a staredown
Umid Kumar Dey

The Raw after WrestleMania is almost always a special one. This year has been no different as we had one heck of an episode. For starters, The Undertaker made a return to the show.

Sami Zayn, too, made his return on Raw after an injury that kept him out for around 10 months. All in all, it was a great Raw episode and it became even better when the New Day interrupted Seth Rollins’ victory speech as Kofi Kingston challenged Seth Rollins to a title-for-title match for Raw’s main event.

Rollins accepted it and the two faced each other for the main event. As the match went on, The Bar came out of nowhere to attack Kofi Kingston. As a result, the match ended in a disqualification.

Soon after, Rollins challenged The Bar to a tag match against a team of himself and Kingston. The Bar agreed and the match was played, which the champions obviously won.

So, here are 4 reasons why making The Bar attack Kingston was the right thing to do…

#3 Seth Rollins couldn’t lose the title

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

I mean, isn’t this the most obvious reason right now? Seth Freaking Rollins just took a battering against Brock Lesnar a little over 24 hours ago. The Beast Incarnate absolutely hammered him before Rollins went low to get the edge over Lesnar.

In the end, he stomped Brock Lesnar thrice before pinning him for the win and the Universal Title. So, it is safe to claim that Rollins had to go through a lot to win that title – which has been kept hostage for a long time.

As a result, making him lose the Universal Title – a Raw Title – to a guy from SmackDown somewhat renders the point of Rollins winning it from Lesnar obsolete.

#2 Kingston couldn’t lose the title either

Kingston celebrates
Kingston celebrates

One could actually make a compelling case on why Kofi Kingston could have won the bout and hold both the Universal and WWE Title but no-one would be able to make sense of the decision of making Kingston lose his title just a little over 24 hours after winning it from Daniel Bryan.

Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan was the best storyline on WrestleMania 35 as a lot of emotions and time was invested upon it. Kingston and the New Day had to go through a lot to win that title.

And to top it off, the biggest reason is the merchandise that Big E unveiled right after Kofi Kingston won the match. As long as Kingston holds the title, that t-shirt is going to sell.

So, making him lose the title would not only be a dent on the great storyline but also a huge hit to the merchandise sales that Kingston’s title reign promises.

#1 Blurring the lines prior to the Shakeup

Superstar Shakeup
Superstar Shakeup

The Superstar Shakeup is just a week away and it seems as though Kingston’s arrival on Raw, alongside the New Day, was a ploy to blur the lines a week before the Superstar Shakeup – which is set to take place next week.

On top of that, The Bar – another team from SmackDown – came to Raw to attack Kofi Kingston, with whom they have history.

Obviously, there is going to be some changes in the Shakeup as a lot of stars are expected to switch brands on the occasion. So, this might have been WWE’s way of spilling the beans in a secretive fashion.

Are we going to see the New Day shift to Raw? Or are The Bar going on Raw? One thing is certain, however, Monday Night Raw is in desperate need of improvement in the Tag Team Division – and that might just be rectified next week during the Shakeup.

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