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4 reasons why The Shield's reunion is bad for Monday Night Raw

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The SH
The Shield is back. But at what cost?

The Shield is probably the best WWE faction of this decade. It gave us various memorable moments in its first run. The Hounds of Justice first split when Seth Rollins back stabbed Reigns and Ambrose to join The Authority.

In late 2017, The Shield had a lackluster reunion, thanks to frequent injuries and directionless booking. It temporarily split again when Dean Ambrose suffered a legitimate arm injury. However, since the lunatic fringe is back again, Vince McMahon has paired his guy with The Architect and Ambrose once again.

However, this reunion may potentially be more detrimental to the show rather than a boon. In this article, we will focus on 4 ways The Shield will hurt RAW and its roster.

#4 It robs us of Seth Rollins' wonderful IC title open challenge

Seth Rollins is the intercontinental champion

During his first reign as the Intercontinental champion, Seth Rollins issued an open challenge every Monday night. In a period where the Universal Title was in hiatus, this was something special.

However, once Rollins regained his IC title from Ziggler at SummerSlam 2018, it has not been the same. The IC Title barely is on screen now. And with the IC Title under his custody, Rollins and Ambrose are challenging Ziggler and McIntyre for the tag team titles.

It is disheartening to see the IC title go back to irrelevancy, especially with so much talent waiting in line for a title opportunity.

#3 All other talents are overlooked

Kevin Owe
Kevin Owens

Other than the six gentlemen involved in RAW's top feud, all other male superstars from RAW are in limbo. They don't have any meaningful feuds or directions. Take a look at the inaugural Universal Champion Finn Balor for instance.

He has become just another guy in the locker room. He is put in random meaningless matches and has no storyline progression whatsoever.

Kevin Owens is another guy in this position. But at least his new direction is looking promising. Bobby Lashley is in limbo, he was brought back as the guy who would meet The Beast. Now he is attending yoga sessions with Jinder Mahal.

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