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4 reasons why The Shield vs Strowman, Ziggler and McIntire is good for business

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Monday Night Raw has become action-filled once again. The current run of The Shield is proving beneficial for Vince. Some may argue that the drop in viewership may suggest otherwise. But the point is that viewership numbers never tell us the exact picture. There are a lot of factors that come into play when we are talking about viewership numbers. All 6 men have been putting on some quality segments and it promises a cracker of a match at the show-down. The Shield is one of the most popular and loved tag teams in the whole of WWE and Strowman is a fan favourite. Both the sides are star-studded. It is all beneficial for Vince, but let's have a look at some other reasons as well.

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This is one epic rivalry.

4. It helps Roman get over with the crowd

The workhorse of the WWE deserves more respect.

There is no denying that Roman is not accepted by a large part of the WWE Universe and it's evident in the number of boos that he receives. The Shield is one of the most popular and loved factions in the WWE. Roman is more or less the leader of this team and so far he has led them very well. I call him this because he is the strongest of the trio and executes the triple power-bomb. If he leads them to victory against their rivals, it might as well do the job for Vince in getting the entire WWE universe to cheer for Roman.

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