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4 reasons why the SmackDown brand is dying creatively

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24 Nov 2018, 12:09 IST

The quality has just gotten stale
The quality has just gotten stale

SmackDown for a long time used to be considered the brand in WWE where some of the best action happen, but recently the product SmackDown has put out each week has gotten bad.

The quality has just gotten stale with the same things getting dished out again and again and again, and even the SmackDown brand's competitiveness has taken a massive hit. It got mauled by Raw on Survivor Series, and to be honest, even this week's Monday Night Raw was a much better edition than the same stale (even boring) content SmackDown dished out.

Slowly but steadily, it does look like WWE is putting in considerably lesser time on the content for SmackDown as compared to Raw, and it won't be a far-off call to say that SmackDown as a brand is actually dying. Here are a few reasons why.

#1 No mention of the "6-0" whitewash by Raw on Survivor Series

Miz tried to woo Shane to become his partner on this week's edition
Miz tried to woo Shane to become his partner on this week's edition

This was built up on Sunday night by Shane McMahon when he tweeted after the Survivor Series PPV that "actions need to taken", in reference to the mauling SmackDown got at the hands of Raw.

The same thing was highlighted by the official WWE account that Shane McMahon will come on Miz TV to address the 6-0 defeat for the SmackDown roster at Survivor Series.

Shane did come on Miz TV on SmackDown, but did he address the 6-0 defeat? No. Did he talk about actions that need to be taken? No. In fact, that score and storyline were completely forgotten, and we had Miz trying to woo Shane to become his tag team partner.

It could be a good storyline to develop for WWE, but a viewer would question why there were no repercussions following such an embarrassing outcome? Does SmackDown not take itself that seriously either?

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