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4 Recent WWE Storylines You Didn't Know Were Punishments

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In this article, we look at 5 recent WWE storylines you didn't know were punishments for wrestlers...
In this article, we look at 4 recent WWE storylines you didn't know were punishments for wrestlers...

As most of you are bound to know, the WWE heavily relies on creating intriguing storylines to keep fans invested with the product, and while most storylines are simply put in motion to keep the "soap opera" of sports entertainment moving (with their talents best interests at heart), the WWE can truly be petty or unfair at times when it comes to storylines...

Not all of the WWE's on-screen ideas, rivalries, matches, booking, characters etc. are put into motion with the wrestlers best interests at heart, and sometimes, storylines played out on-screen are actually meant to be subtle punishments for Superstars who have done wrong in one way or another. The reasoning behind the punishment can vary from wrestlers pissing off key executives backstage, getting on the wrong side of other WWE Superstars backstage, acting carelessly out of the ring, or simply putting on underwhelming performances in the squared circle (among other reasons).

While many fans fault the WWE for some storylines being downright terrible or detrimental to the wrestlers involved (often referred to as "burying" the Superstars), fairly often, there is a reason behind this being the case most fans have no idea about. Today, we will take a look at 4 recent WWE storylines you didn't know were actually supposed to be punishments...

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#4 Big Cass Losing Repeatedly To Daniel Bryan...

Before his release from WWE, Big Cass went on a surprising losing streak to SmackDown's Daniel Bryan...

While Big Cass is long gone from WWE and doesn't look to be returning anytime particularly soon, once upon a time, the seven foot tall giant had an extremely bright future -- Vince McMahon was reportedly very high on Cass being a top tier Superstar in WWE. When Big Cass had returned from his lengthy knee injury months back, the future remained bright for Cass once he joined the SmackDown Live roster. Upon his debut on SD, Cass was thrust into a high-profile feud with Daniel Bryan, and though it seemed inevitable that Big Cass would be going over Daniel in the end, that certainly wasn't the case by any stretch.

In reality, Big Cass would go onto lose the feud with Bryan badly, as he suffered consecutive losses against Daniel Bryan in convincing fashion at the Money In The Bank and Backlash pay-per-views this year.

While we don't know the full story, it can be assured that Cass' repeated losses (which made Cass look very weak and unimportant) were meant as punishment for his poor behavior behind the scenes, as Big Cass had garnered severe heat with not only other wrestlers backstage, but important officials as well -- Cass was released within short order following his on-screen punishment...

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