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4 Recently released WWE employees and where they should go

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Published Feb 26, 2019
Feb 26, 2019 IST

Spring Cleaning comes early to WWE!
Spring Cleaning comes early to WWE!

Though the rumblings of disgruntled Superstars were in the air, as AEW loomed in the horizon, WWE shocked the world this week with a small albeit strong day of spring cleaning as they finally agreed to let two superstars walk, released one supposed nuisance and came to terms with a longtime employee.

Since the advent of NXT and its global expansion plans as well as the rise of wrestling all over them, WWE really hasn't been keen on releasing or firing too many superstars unless their arms get twisted by sponsors or if their buttons pushed. So it came as a shock, though a soft one, as WWE released Hideo Itami, Tye Dillinger, TJP and Arn Anderson.

While the former two had filed in their requests ages ago, it became official a few days back. This is surprising, considering WWE isn't known to play nice with the rising AEW or other companies in need of talent. The juggernaut of the industry would rather stockpile performers and let them rot than give them away as workable talent and future stars for its competition.

The real zinger in this week's news comes with the untimely departure of company man and producer Arn Anderson. The grapevine suggests that he and big boss Vince McMahon don't see eye to eye on daily creative decisions, an indication of WWE's imbalanced powerplay.

At the same time, the release of TJP suggests a lot of issues had built up between the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic winner and the management or locker room.

Either way, it's easy then to see that these four releases might not impact WWE's day-to-day operations but could become fine gets for a burgeoning independent scene. As such, let the speculation run rampant as to where these men may land up. 

#4. AEW Creative Consultant is Double-A

It's no surprise Arn had support from top part-timers to those marginalized in the roster. Has Vince gone senile then?

Arn Anderson's departure is a huge blow to WWE and another example of the great gulf between the old guard mentality and Vince McMahon's perceived false ideas for his product. The rumors suggest Anderson's departure from his role as a producer isn't due to the arrival of new blood backstage but rather the heated altercations between him and Vince.

Double-A is one of the few men who could undeniably challenge Vince's authority and ideas. At the same time, Anderson's vocal supporter in John Cena has been missing in the company, who could have avoided the situation from going south altogether.


Regardless of his relationship to Cody Rhodes, Arn would turn into a perfect fit for a company that is in the process of finding its footing. With Billy Gunn as head producer and Cody's partners also looking to skew towards the new school, there isn't a place for old-fashioned Arn Anderson. However, some old school mentality and Arn's sharp mind for the business could do wonders if he were to take up a role as a creative consultant to the boys.

It'd bring an opposing view to the company, allowing it to grow in a direction even The Elite might not have considered. Showing that they are willing to play ball on a full-time wrestling show in contrast to their youtube BTE programme, Cody and his team shall find Double A's advice a powerful tool to merge innovation with tradition for a real change within pro-wrestling. 

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