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4 superstars from Attitude Era and 1 from the new era that could be a great opponent for Becky Lynch

Amit Shukla
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Feuds are made in Creativity!
Feuds are made in Creativity!

Becky Lynch is cutting some of the best promos in the women's division and WWE right now. 'The Lasskicker' has been on a roll since becoming a heel, and whether you like or hate her, the fact that she is still the hottest topic in WWE speaks volumes about her charisma right now.

She is constantly cutting powerful promos, especially the recent one against Ronda Rousey. As the brand-vs-brand show approaches near, we may see her hype the feud through her work, and that would be great for the business.

The fact that Becky Lynch is on an all-out brawl with every wrestler on the roster, whether male or female and also constantly hyping it with her fights on Social Media platforms, she is really making her character the most loved wrestler in the PG Era.

During the Attitude Era, the promos were always savage, and wrestlers could say anything to the fans or even wrestlers, and that was one of the major reasons why the era was loved by all. If the company decides to go that path with Becky Lynch, and also keep things under control according to PG guidelines, they can still cut a great promo.

The idea of an attitude era promo reminds me of 5 wrestlers of the same era who could be a great competition to the current Smackdown Women's Champion:

#5 Molly Holly


Molly Holly performed at the historic Royal Rumble this year, and it looks like she is still in good shape. Her athleticism is still on point, and it doesn't look like she has missed a beat since leaving the squared circle.

If the wrestler decides to go into a part-time contract with the company and wishes to challenge the current Smackdown Women's Champion for the title, it would be a 'Best For Business' idea. The fact that she can be a surprise factor during a storyline would also add value.

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