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4 Theories that were teased on this week's episode of The Firefly Fun House (September 30th, 2019)

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What was Bray Wyatt trying to tell us this week?
What was Bray Wyatt trying to tell us this week?

The Fiend takes on Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell this weekend. Ahead of the match, Bray Wyatt has been back in his Firefly Fun House sharing some lessons with all of his Fireflies so that they know all about The Fiend and why he feels the need to attack.

This week was no different since the main aim of the episode was to show that everyone gets scared and all of the puppets that live in the Fun House are afraid of The Fiend and are friends with Seth Rollins.

It's now become almost obvious that Bray Wyatt and The Fiend could be the same person, but Wyatt is seemingly the calm presence behind the evil that lurks when The Fiend decides to attack. This has led many fans to question if he is sending the WWE Universe coded messages about his alter ego through The Fun House.

#4 Is Hell in a Cell just like The Firefly Funhouse

Will Bray Wyatt ever escape The Fun House?
Will Bray Wyatt ever escape The Fun House?

The Fiend lives to torment his targets whilst Bray Wyatt seemingly controls him from inside the safety of The Fun House. That being said, Wyatt has looked to leave the Fun House many times, but actually hasn't been seen outside of it unless he's The Fiend.

It's well known that many superstars step inside Hell in a Cell but then don't come out the same person. Wyatt stated on this week's Fun House that Hell in a Cell was a place that you could enter, but never leave. Is this the same as The Fun House, is Wyatt actually trapped in there and the only way he can come out is as The Fiend?

Does this mean that The Fiend will come out of Hell in a Cell different? Or that Bray Wyatt will never be able to get out of the Fun House?

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