4 things Sami Zayn can do on WWE RAW after getting attacked in front of his wife

Sami Zayn was viciously attacked on WWE RAW last week
Sami Zayn was viciously attacked on WWE RAW last week

WWE Monday Night RAW last week featured an incredible final 30 minutes or so. Following an interaction with The Judgment Day, Jey Uso ran all the way to the outside of the building only to run into Sami Zayn.

The Underdog From The Underground proceeded to give a fired up speech about his history in Montreal before having an iconic entrance. From there, he successfully defended his prized Intercontinental Championship against Sami Zayn in the main event.

What happened after shocked fans, however. In the closing minutes of the show, while Sami hugged his wife, Chad ran back and hit a massive German Suplex on the floor. From there, Gable continued his assault on the man he was seemingly becoming fast friends with on Monday nights.

Sami hasn't appeared on any show since that betrayal last week. He was brutalized in front of his wife and if he's medically able, there's little doubt that Sami will appear on RAW. This article will look at a handful of things the champion could do on the red brand tonight.

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Below are four things Sami Zayn can do on WWE RAW after getting attacked in front of his wife.

#4. Sami Zayn could demand an explanation on WWE RAW

Chad Gable's assault on Sami Zayn seemingly came out of nowhere. The two agreed to a match after Chad helped coach Sami to defeat Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. From there, they had their match and Sami even paid Chad respect afterward.

While Gable was obviously distraught and emotional, there still isn't a clear explanation for what he did. The Alpha Academy leader, while intense in the ring, had been a shining light on WWE RAW for quite some time. He wasn't the type to jump somebody like this, especially in such an emotional moment.

Sami is rightfully angry, but he may be more confused than anything else. As a result, he may simply come out on RAW and demand Chad come out to the ring and give him an explanation. Whether Gable apologizes or not, an explanation of some kind would at least help Zayn better understand the betrayal.

#3. He could focus on finding a challenger for Backlash France

Chad Gable is an important figure in WWE, but Sami Zayn's story is bigger than just the Olympian. Sami is the new Intercontinental Champion and defeated the longest reigning title holder ever. With that win and his new position comes a lot of responsibility.

Instead of putting his attention on Chad and the unfortunate attack, Sami may instead try to figure out his next challenger for his prized title. One such way could be by announcing a Battle Royal approved by Adam Pearce. The women's division will have one, so perhaps the men's division could as well.

There are a lot of stars chomping at the bit to challenge Sami. Bronson Reed already made his intentions clear, especially after winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, JD McDonagh, Ricochet, Ivar, and Andrade probably all want the gold too.

#2. Zayn could challenge Chad to a match

Sami Zayn is a prideful man. While he hasn't always done the right thing, as was evident by him being part of The Bloodline for quite some time, Sami generally tries to do what's right for him and his family. He is one of WWE's most virtuous talents today.

The Underdog From The Underground will stand up for himself in the face of adversity. He did so against Roman Reigns and he did so against Gunther. As good as Chad Gable is, Sami won't be intimidated by the Olympian.

Since Sami wants to be a defending champion, but he does have his issues with Chad, he may decide to keep his focus on both his former ally and the title by making a challenge. Zayn could attempt to challenge Gable for a match at Backlash France with the WWE Intercontinental Championship on the line.

#1. He could viciously attack the Olympian

It can't be emphasized enough how personal Chad Gable's attack was last week on WWE Monday Night RAW. While it can be easy to chalk it up as the heat of the moment, it was much more than that when taking into account the context of the attack.

Chad literally ripped Sami Zayn out of his wife's arms to deliver the brutal German Suplex on the floor. He then put Sami in an Ankle Lock right in front of his wife. Sami's friends and family had to watch on as he screamed in agony in a brutal post-match attack.

Come WWE RAW, Sami may not be looking to talk or even to wrestle. Sami Zayn may want to fight. The Underdog From The Underground may instead find Chad Gable and try to attack him as payback for last week. A fight backstage, in the parking lot, or in the arena could be Sami's best course of vengeance.

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