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4 things that should've happened on Raw this week (2 April 2018)  

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The WWE Universe needs an answer

Even though Wrestlemania is a pay-per-view that requires no extra hype to compel wrestling aficionados to tune in, WWE had one last chance on Monday Night to further assure fans that the narratives being laid out for "the show of shows" is worth investing in.

However, in true WWE fashion, the company had once again disappointed the WWE Universe with a go home show of Raw that felt unnecessary, underwhelming and uninteresting at times.

As the pace of many programmes was slowed down to maximise their impact at the pay-per-view, this was a major episode of Raw where WWE should’ve heightened fans anticipation for Wrestlemania by giving them a show they would never forget.

#1 Rousey takes out the boss

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McMahon's inclusion in this feud could hurt the quality of the match

The narrative of a rebellious superstar vs their boss was such a revolutionary angle back in WWE’s heyday because the hatable heel in Vince McMahon trying to oppress the badass babyface in Stone Cold felt believable.

Fast forward to the modern era of wrestling and that storyline has become more overdone than any other storyline in WWE’s creative book.

And Ronda Rousey being positioned as the next oppressed babyface is the worst possible way possible to introduce a legitimate fight into the world of professional wrestling.

Even though WWE has proclaimed Rousey as The Baddest Woman On The Planet, how can they expect fans to buy into that notion when a non-wrestler in Stephanie McMahon laid her out on Raw this week.

Instead, WWE should've had Rousey take out Stephanie, thus, writing her out of this match and let a new, fresh, rising talent take her place.


Stephanie's exclusion from this match is beneficial to Rousey, as McMahon is incapable of delivering in the ring.

Therefore, this mixed tag team match could've turned into a serious match with actual athletes competing.

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