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4 things we actually like about John Cena

Sean Anderman
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Admit it, you like him a lot better than Roman!

''LET'S GO CENA/CENA SUCKS'' is the chant we all associate with when it comes to big match John. It pretty much sums up who he is to the fans after seeing him perform for over 10 years.

Most fans are sick of seeing him but others are not. His 2005-2011 run really made fans dislike him as he would always hold the world title at some point. After that run, some started liking him for being able to kick it up a notch in his matches now. Yes, that is because his opponent is usually better (AJ Styles, CM Punk etc).

He has been a huge part of WWE over the last decade. Despite what you think of him as a wrestler, you can't deny that he really is a nice human being.

#4 His Dedication to the sport

He love's Pro Wrestling!

When a wrestler ends up hurt, you'd think they might want to take a little longer to recover just to be away from the grueling schedule WWE talent deal with all the time. Not Cena as he is usually back in a few months time.

Since his first major injury in 2007, he is always back in about 3-4 months unless it's something serious. But he always finds a way to return quickly. He may be a part-timer now, but he still puts in his best no matter what he's doing. May it be Movies, TV, reality shows or pro wrestling, he is dedicated and always will be.

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