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4 Things WWE must do with Bayley's heel turn and 3 things they must avoid

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It's about time...
It's about time...

Bayley turned heel and everything broke loose in the WWE Universe. She claimed that she is a role model to young kids and she wants to teach them the importance of friendship and loyalty. And frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

The SmackDown Women's Champion has often found herself on the sideline. But that never compromised with her popularity amidst the fans. That should explain how incredible she is at what she does.

But now that she has finally decided to do what she wants and gone way past seeking approval from anyone, it's high time to see this WWE Superstar explore new altars of success.

After all, she came on the main roster to distribute hugs and decimate her opponents. And it looks like she is all out of hugs.

#4 Must do -- Modifications in theme song and ring gear

Sure we love the hugs but can we please see her snap?
Sure we love the hugs but can we please see her snap?

Bayley's current in-ring character has a huge fan base, thanks to NXT. However, ever since her move to the main roster, her 'Hugger' gimmick hasn't won her the response that the likes of Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch received. Especially, when they turned heel.

Bayley is an incredible Superstar who stands for everything right -- friendship, loyalty, and kindness. But she is also one of the few WWE Superstars who have mostly been on the right side of history. No wonder she is extremely popular amidst the WWE Universe for being 'too good'.

But now that she has finally decided to take matters in her own hands, a slight change in her entrance will help build her heel persona. She doesn't need to get an entirely new theme song. Slight changes were made in Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles' entrance themes but it was extremely effective in establishing their heel turn.

WWE can do something similar with Bayley's theme. A slightly modified version of the song and replacing the props will be enough.

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